Air Filter MF-20

Product details

The air filter is an air inlet type suitable for all ring blower series applications.
All air filters are cylindrical and made of stainless steel mesh.
Increase the ventilation rate without affecting the operation of the blower.
All air filters are safe and clean without maintenance.
In order to prolong the service life of the blower, it is recommended to add an air filter.

Air Filter MF-20

Air Filter MF-20


Air Filter MF-20 size

Type PT  D mm  H mm  H1 mm B mm  Weight kg Fitration Mesh
MF-08   1″ 56 169 153 46 0.19 100
MF-10   1/4″ 70 184 171 54 0.29 100
MF-12  1 1/2″ 84 193 180 65 0.40 100
MF-16  2″ 102 215 199 75 0.57 100
MF-20  2 1/2″ 159 353 326 90 1.14 100
MF-24  3″ 159 353 326 105 1.18 100
MF-32  4″ 208 353 338 147 2.95 100


The filter is a kind of filter product which must be installed in the pipeline transportation of many liquid or gas with impurities. The installation of filter is helpful to the cleaning and purity of the medium to ensure that the medium is not mixed by other impurities. When using the filter, you should pay attention to the following matters:

1. When installing the filter, blow out the impurities in the gas pipeline, connect the filter shell into the filter system pipeline according to the correct working process, pay attention to the inlet and outlet direction when connecting, and ensure that the filter element is in the state of external air inlet and inner air outlet;

2. When the filter is in use and operation, the pressure impact should be prevented, and reverse pressure is prohibited;

3. When the pressure drop between the upstream and downstream of the filter is greater than 0.3MPa or the flow rate drops obviously, it is necessary to clean or replace the filter element or filter screen of the filter.

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