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EVP is a professional vacuum pump manufacturer. Since its inception, with a unique, advanced production model has been to meet the most advanced needs of customers around the world. In order to provide users with more stable products and more secure services, as well as provide a variety of information and solutions.

When you seek support of vacuum and pressure application solutions, must choose EVP vacuum, there are many reasons, including: we have many years of experience, products and application capable of industry process, high quality products, global service network and field support, professional engineers personally answer customer consultation, the most comprehensive vacuum and pressure technologies, we not only provide first-class products, also provides the first-class service, let the customer trust.

The following introduce my company hot – selling products dry scroll vacuum pump.

Dry scroll vacuum pump

Dry scroll vacuum pump in oil and gas recovery industry

In the oil and gas recovery process, dry scroll vacuum pump is used to realize the adsorption of oil and gas/air mixture by different adsorbents such as activated carbon, so as to realize the separation of oil and gas and air.

Oil and gas are highly volatile, with 600 to 800 times the volume of oil and gas evaporating naturally per liter of air. Such a large volume of oil and gas will cause serious consequences, mainly in the security issues, environmental issues, energy issues.

At present, oil and gas recovery is mainly carried out by adsorption method in China. Oil and gas components adsorbed in activated carbon with decompression and desorption can be reused with the effect of compression and condensation mechanism of zhao yue vacuum pump and double condensation mechanism of jacket water cooling. Since EVP vacuum pump is a new type of environmental protection dry scroll vacuum pump, it will not produce pollution to the recovered oil and gas, and the recovered high-purity oil can be used directly without treatment, which is very convenient.

The adsorption capacity of activated carbon on air is very small, not adsorbed tail gas (mainly air) through the exhaust pipe straight into the atmosphere, will not cause environmental pollution problems, high efficiency and low emission concentration.

In addition, oil and gas recovery can be carried out through membrane separation, and EVP vacuum and mesofilm technology have been applied in this method.

On-site service:

Professional technicians will provide you with regular maintenance and overhaul of vacuum pumps, installation and commissioning of new pumps, help users select equipment and provide operation guidance.

After-sales technicians are regularly trained to ensure that problems can be solved quickly, and our technicians carry all necessary tools and materials, as well as the required original cade parts.

The after-sales service team will provide customized repair and maintenance Suggestions according to your requirements.

Our solutions:

Are you looking for affordable solutions that minimize downtime while maximizing vacuum and positive pressure equipment availability?

We can do it! We can provide on-site service for your equipment and make a special maintenance plan according to your requirements to ensure the availability of your system. Our field service fully considers all systems, pumps and components as well as specific process requirements in different applications. We fully consider the different service life cycles of worn parts and carry out routine maintenance as required. All of this planning revolves around your requirements, keeping your production as continuous as possible.

In addition, we will provide 7 days 24 hours fault support, technical support, system operating condition check and other services to keep your production as efficient as possible. Our on-site service will allow you to experience the quality service brought by our technical service team, who have provided maintenance services for thousands of vacuum pumps in various industries, thus accumulating rich on-site experience. We only carry out the maintenance according to the manufacturer’s regulations, and we only use the original spare parts.

Benefits you get:

One-time on-site service

Preventive maintenance or breakdown support without contract

Reduce the risk of unexpected failure and reduce the production downtime

A fully equipped service vehicle and fully trained and experienced service engineers will provide you with the service to ensure the first time to repair

Using original OEM parts, all work items are guaranteed by Busch for 12 months

On-site service for many manufacturers’ products

Full compliance with audit requirements

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