Roots vacuum pump system

Roots water ring vacuum pump system is made up of roots pump main pump and water ring pump as series pump. It is more advantageous for Roots water-ring vacuum system to choose water-ring pump as the front pump than other vacuum pumps. It overcomes the limit pressure difference of a single water-ring vacuum pump (the limit pressure of the system is much higher than that of the water-ring pump), and has the disadvantage of low pumping rate under a certain pressure, while retaining the Roots vacuum pump can work quickly. It has the advantage of larger pumping rate. Especially, it can suit to extract a large amount of condensable steam, especially when the capacity of gas-ballast oil-seal mechanical vacuum pump to remove condensable steam is not enough, or the solvent used can deteriorate the performance of the pump oil, or when the vacuum system does not allow oil pollution. When equipped with explosion-proof motors and electrical appliances and in compliance with the corresponding safety rules, flammable and explosive gases can also be removed.

Roots water ring vacuum pump system application

Therefore, Roots vacuum Pump-Water ring vacuum pump system is widely used in vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, dehydration and crystallization in chemical industry; freeze-drying in food industry; vacuum drying in pharmaceutical industry; polyester chips in light textile industry; high-altitude simulation test and other vacuum pumping systems.

Water Ring Vacuum System

Roots water ring vacuum pump system

Roots water ring vacuum pump system type:

(1) Roots Vacuum Pump-Water Ring Vacuum Pump: Water Ring Vacuum Pump in the system acts as the pre-vacuum required for Roots Vacuum Pump. Generally speaking, the limit vacuum of single stage water ring vacuum pump is not high, but the pre-vacuum required for Roots Vacuum Pump produced in our country is high, so it is generally not used as a single stage water ring vacuum pump. For the front stage pump of Roots vacuum pump, using the double stage water ring vacuum pump with lower limit pressure as the front stage pump can also reduce the limit pressure of the system.

(2) The ultimate pressure of a Roots vacuum pump and a water ring vacuum pump is 400P a, which can meet the general vacuum demand, but the scope of application is limited. If two Roots pumps are connected in series and combined with the water ring pump, the ultimate pressure of the system can be greatly increased (up to 25P a). Therefore, in this type, it is common to see two Roots pumps in series and then use two-stage pump as the front pump to form a system. If higher limit pressure is needed, three Roots vacuum pumps can be combined with water ring vacuum pumps, and their limit pressure can reach 1 Pa.

(3) If the three-stage Roots water-ring system can not meet the limit pressure, the parallel mechanical vacuum pump can be used; this system is mainly used for vacuum pumping system which needs to deal with a large amount of water vapor and has a long time and a very high limit vacuum requirement, such as vacuum drying. In the vacuum system requiring the treatment of large amount of water vapor, the use of water ring vacuum pump is more appropriate, but due to its low limit vacuum, the limit vacuum of the whole system is lower (relatively speaking). Although mechanical vacuum pumps with higher vacuum limit are needed as front-stage pumps in vacuum pumping systems requiring higher vacuum. The pneumatic mechanical vacuum pump and the water ring pump can be connected in parallel as the front pump of roots pump. In vacuum drying, the water ring vacuum pump is used for pre-pumping, until the water vapor is greatly reduced, then the mechanical vacuum pump of air-ballast is started and the water ring pump is cut off. If it takes a long time to complete the drying process, the required cooling water and power will be less.

Roots rotary vane vacuum pump system is a series of Roots vacuum pump as the main pump and rotary vane vacuum pump as the front pump. Rotary vane pump is selected as the front pump in Roots vane vacuum system, which overcomes the shortcoming of low pumping rate under certain pressure when using rotary vane vacuum pump, while retaining the advantages of rapid operation of Roots vacuum pump and larger pumping rate. Because of its compact structure, large pumping speed and small area, it can replace many mechanical vacuum pumps, so Roots pump-rotary vane pump system is widely used in vacuum smelting, power capacitors, transformer vacuum heat treatment, pre-pumping of vacuum coating equipment, electric vacuum semiconductors and other industries to remove low oxygen content in sealed containers. Non-explosive, non-corrosive to metals, non-chemical reaction with pump oil and non-particulate dust gas.

Roots vertical oil-free reciprocating pump system is composed of ZJ Roots vacuum pump as the main pump and oil-free pump as the front pump in series. Because the vacuum pump adopts oil-free self-lubrication system, clean vacuum can be obtained. Therefore, after installing the tail gas collection device, the gas which can not be solidified and compressed in the high vacuum system can be collected, and avoided at the same time. The discharge of large quantities of waste water generated by the water ring system is avoided.

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