Vacuum system in thermal drainage of geothermal power plant

Recently, many customers have asked us whether the vacuum system can be applied to the thermal drainage of geothermal power plants. The answer is yes. The vacuum pump system is composed of vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, vacuum tank, control integrated box and other components such as vacuum valve, cold trap, etc. with the aid of vacuum pipeline, it is combined according to certain requirements and has the required pumping function. In order to prevent environmental pollution and land subsidence caused by thermal drainage of geothermal power plant, replenish and renew ground fluid and maintain the flow and pressure of heat storage, the method of reinjection is needed for thermal drainage. Therefore, we will discuss the application of hot water reinjection technology and vacuum system in thermal drainage of geothermal power plant.

Similar to the condenser exhaust, the exhaust geothermal gas includes the discharge of air and other non condensable gases from the steam space of the condenser. However, in geothermal power plants, the steam used to drive the turbine comes from the earth and contains a large amount of corrosive gas. These gases must be drained as efficiently as possible by means of a vacuum system.

Geothermal power plant hot drainage recharge system:

The thermal drainage of geothermal power plant is collected and converged through waste water pool. Through the vacuum pump, it is transported to the injection well along the reinjection pipeline, and transmitted to the heat storage through the reinjection well hole. The system includes the following equipment and facilities.

① Waste water tank: mainly used for collection of heat drainage and ground surface pretreatment.

② Vacuum system: installation of a number of vacuum pumps, so that geothermal time-consuming pressurized transmission..

③ Reinjection pipeline: pipeline connection is adopted from vacuum pump to reinjection wellhead to transfer hot drainage to reinjection well.

④ Reinjection well and wellhead equipment: it is mainly used to inject the hot drainage of reinjection into underground thermal storage through it. Wellhead equipment mainly plays the role of wellhead sealing to prevent the hot water from flowing outside the well.

vacuum system advantages :

1. When a vacuum source is needed, the required vacuum degree can be achieved in a very short time.

2. The vacuum source is more stable and sufficient.

3. One system can be used by multiple worktables at the same time without affecting the operation of different units.

4. When the vacuum source stored in the pressure vessel is sufficient, the vacuum pump can stop working / stop operation in turn, so as to prolong the rest time of the pump, so as to reduce the loss of pump, parts and oil, reduce the operation and maintenance costs, and reduce the noise in the workplace.

5. It is easy to operate and master.

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