Water ring pump sediment filter

2BV water ring pump sediment filter

A sediment filter in a pulp mill is used to remove non-burning suspended particles in the “green liquid”, carbon particles for full combustion, iron compounds and refractory furnace fragments before they are melted. The sediment filter is a typical horizontal drum filter. The inside of the drum creates a vacuum to extract particles from the green liquid. How to prevent freezing of vacuum filter when using water ring pump in sediment filter:

Take the following positive and effective measures to prevent the occurrence of icing:

1. Shorten the storage time of materials and adopt closed storage to prevent excessive moisture absorption of materials. A large amount of water will not only affect the activity of materials and reduce the yield of magnesium, but also will emulsify the vacuum pump oil and affect the normal operation of the vacuum pump.

2. Clean the filter medium during suction. Filter media will be blocked due to dust adhesion after use for a period of time. Filter media should be cleaned regularly to ensure its smooth flow.

3. Sufficient cross-sectional area of the filter shall be guaranteed. The filter cross section of some magnesium manufacturers is too small, which not only increases the work of cleaning the filter medium, but also easily causes the blockage in a short time, aggravating the condensation of water vapor in the filter layer.

4. Remove the cooling water jacket of the filter. Magnesium manufacturers’ filters have cooling water jackets, which increase the condensation of water vapor in the filter layer. If the filter medium is non-thermal material, the icing process can be slowed down.

5. Water ring pump is used as the primary pump. At the beginning of reduction, a large amount of dust and water vapor can be directly discharged by the water ring pump. This not only reduces the workload of cleaning filter media, but also does not easily cause blockage in a short time, reducing the condensation of water vapor in the filter layer, and also reduces the pollution of vacuum pump oil.

6. Prevent water from pouring from the water ring pump. When the operation is not appropriate or due to the poor quality of the valve, it is easy to cause the water in the water ring pump into the vacuum pipeline.

As long as adopt reasonable design and correct operation method, strictly control the quality, can prevent the vacuum filter icing phenomenon.

Water ring pump sediment filter

Water ring pump sediment filter

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