Industrial piston vacuum pump

Industrial Piston vacuum pump belongs to low vacuum acquisition equipment, which is used to extract gas from a vessel whose internal pressure is equal to or less than one atmospheric pressure. The temperature of the extracted gas is generally not more than 35C. The limit pressure of piston vacuum pump is 4 *10~10Pa for single-stage piston vacuum pump and 1 Pa for double-stage piston vacuum pump. The displacement of piston vacuum pump is large, and the pumping speed range is 15~5500L/S. Piston vacuum pumps are mostly used for vacuum impregnation, vacuum treatment of molten steel, vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization, vacuum filtration and other aspects of gas extraction.

Industrial Piston vacuum pump is often used in large-scale vacuum equipment because of its structural characteristics and much larger capacity than rotary vane vacuum pump. Piston vacuum pump has two types: single stage piston vacuum pump and double stage piston vacuum pump. The limit pressure of single stage vacuum pump is less than 0.6 Pa for small vacuum pump, 1.3 PA for large vacuum pump and 0.06 Pa for double stage piston vacuum pump. At present, the maximum pumping speed of the bipolar 2H rotary piston vacuum pump is 300L/S.

Because the rotating mass of industrial piston vacuum pump has greater eccentricity, if the sliding valve does not have a good mass balance, it will produce greater vibration in operation. But the trajectory of the revolving center of mass of the pump is a closed curve with complex shape, so it is difficult for a small factory to achieve complete balance of inertia force of the piston vacuum pump. The quality balance of slide valve can be achieved through dynamic balance test and double cylinder or three cylinder structure.

piston pump

The two uses of industrial piston vacuum pumps are drying and oxygen pumping.

1.Industrial piston vacuum pump equipment application of waterpipe anticorrosive protection

For tall buildings, water pipes in buildings must be protected against corrosion. Anti-corrosion protection can be achieved by using protective barriers. The corrosion of metal by deoxidized water is much lower than that of untreated water. The water flows through the oxygen permeation layer in the vacuum device to diffuse the oxygen through it and discharge it out of the water. At the same time, a vacuum pump with vacuum is produced to discharge the oxygen / air mixture generated during the diffusion process.

2.Industrial piston vacuum pump treatment central vacuum cleaning system

The use of piston vacuum pump in central vacuum system is mainly to remove dust to ensure the cleanliness of the workplace. Anyone who is sensitive knows that the traditional vacuum cleaning device is in better condition when it is vacuum cleaned than when it is emptied, and it does not carry out any substantive filtering. Central Vacuum Cleaning System – which includes vacuum units and filters installed in the basement of buildings, each room is deliberately open to install vacuum hoses next to electrical outlets – can efficiently and quietly discharge dust and allergenic substances through pipes.

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