Vacuum pump in oil refining

In the process of oil refining, steam consumption accounts for a large proportion of power cost. Energy saving and consumption reduction of oil refining workshop, especially steam consumption, has become the key technology to reduce the cost of oil enterprises. Roots pumps can be used in small oil plants vacuum units, large oil plants can choose to use vacuum pumps to reduce steam consumption and production costs.

Vacuum pump for oil refining process:

(1) degumming: physical, chemical or physicochemical methods are used to remove the gum soluble impurities from crude oil. In the edible oil, if the phospholipid content is high, it is easy to bubble, smoke and stink when heated, and the phospholipid is at high temperature because of oxidation, the oil is brown, which affects the flavor of fried food. Degumming is based on the principle that phospholipids and some proteins are soluble in oil in sewage, but not in oil when they form hydrate with water the phospholipid and part of protein can be removed by introducing water vapor, heating oil and stirring at 50 ℃, and then standing for stratification and separating water phase.

(2) deacidification: free fatty acids affect the stability and flavor of oil. The method of alkali neutralization can be used to remove free fatty acids, which is called deacidification or alkali refining.

(3) decolorization: crude oil contains chlorophyll, carotenoid and other pigments. Chlorophyll is a photosensitizer, which affects the stability of oil, while other pigments affect the appearance of oil, which can be removed by adsorbent.

(4) deodorization: there are some undesirable odor substances in the oil, mainly from the oxidation products of the oil. By means of vacuum distillation, citric acid was added to chelate the excessive metal ions and inhibit the oxidation.

In the deodorization section, the gas from the fatty acid catcher is sucked away by the screw vacuum pump and condensed into the hot well together with the working steam of another screw vacuum pump. It is then pumped to the hot well water / refrigerant cooler for cooling and recycling.


The features of vacuum pump are as follows:

1. High reliability. The vacuum pump has few spare parts and no wearing parts, so it has reliable operation and long service life.

2. Convenient operation and maintenance.

3. Good power balance. The vacuum pump has no unbalanced inertia force, and the machine can run smoothly and stably at high speed.

4. Strong adaptability. The vacuum pump has the characteristics of forced gas transmission. It can maintain a high pumping speed in a wide pressure range, and the exhaust volume is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure

5. Multiphase transmission. Because there is a small gap between the teeth of the vacuum pump rotor, it can pump out corrosive, toxic, dust, condensable steam and other gases.

The vacuum pump produced by our company is used in the deodorization system of soybean oil refining production line, which reduces the production cost and achieves good economic benefits. At the same time, it is also suitable for large-scale oil refining production line. After analyzing the application of vacuum pump in the oil refining process, the market demand for it is more and more obvious.

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