Vacuum pump for dilute brine dechlorination process

What type of vacuum pump should be selected in the process of dechlorination of dilute brine in chemical plant

In particular, they can be used in chemical plants to improve the quality of water pump, especially for chemical plants.

Vacuum pump for dilute brine dechlorination process

The water eruption vacuum pump is suitable for the working pressure greater than 3000 PA and can pump various gases. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, high mechanical strength and high vacuum degree.

Water ring vacuum pump is a kind of crude vacuum pump, which can obtain the limit vacuum of 3300 PA. Because of the rapid development of vacuum application skills, water ring vacuum pump has always been paid attention to in obtaining rough vacuum, and the use of water ring vacuum pump is also increasing. The vacuum degree of the dechlorination tower is required to be about 20KPa. The composition of the suction gas is about 80% chlorine and 20% water vapor, and there is no solid particles. In terms of technical parameters, both water ring vacuum pump and water eruption vacuum pump are satisfied with the demand of vacuum equipment for dechlorination of dilute brine. In practice, there are many examples of water ring vacuum pump and water eruption vacuum pump. Two kinds of vacuum equipment, water ring vacuum pump and water eruption vacuum pump, were used in the light brine dechlorination equipment of a chemical plant. The operation shows that the two vacuum pumps can meet the production demand well.

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