Vacuum pump purchase guide

Buy vacuum pump selection guide

Excellent and appropriate equipment can play a decisive role in your company’s production. Vacuum technology has matured over the past few years, allowing us to see that a reasonable initial investment can yield tangible results in a short period of time.
In the previous article, do I really need a vacuum furnace? , we analyzed the enterprise should be for what reasons and equipment vacuum pump.
Therefore, if we now have a clear understanding of “why” vacuum pumps should be equipped, then in this and subsequent articles we will explore “what” vacuum pumps should be equipped.
When buying vacuum pump we must consider several issues, the selection of vacuum pump to choose the most suitable type of vacuum pump. Vacuum pump can be purchased from the following aspects:

1, the required vacuum pump flow, pumping speed (determine the size of the vacuum pump model), pumping speed: unit time vacuum pump can be removed to vacuum pump can be evacuated to the time spent, must be determined from the volume, the volume and length of the vacuum tube.

2, required to vacuum, or limit the pressure (or decide on types of vacuum pump, such as coarse high vacuum pump, vacuum pump, etc.), vacuum degree, can draw the vacuum degree of vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum, vacuum pump can take to the limit of vacuum, pay attention to the ultimate vacuum is the limit of the vacuum pump can draw the vacuum, change according to the vacuum pump seal, the outside air pressure.

3. Whether there is dust, large amount of water, processing liquid and corrosive liquid in the air to be removed, and whether explosion-proof is required.

4. Can it be used in the vacuum unit system? The vacuum system has high integration and reliability, and the product is more energy saving and easier to maintain, which can improve the stability of vacuum pump’s pumping speed and improve the vacuum degree so as to improve the overall performance of the vacuum pump and achieve the production efficiency of vacuum.

Such as semiconductor process vacuum, liquid crystal display process vacuum, electronic central vacuum system, the hospital central vacuum system, food food medicine process vacuum, lamps and lanterns process vacuum pressure, air conditioning process vacuum, circuit board also process vacuum, optical lens, metal, vacuum coating, scientific instruments, vacuum processing USES vacuum and exhaust control, sewage treatment system, gas treatment system, VCD/DVD disc surface vacuum coating, vacuum packaging and printing, glass, marble, metal large heavy vacuum adsorption moved using the vacuum system is recommended

5, the application of product equipment, vacuum pump manufacturers contain a large number of vacuum equipment application cases, if it is the same production process vacuum pump manufacturers can help quickly selection.

Such as: CNC engraving machine, vacuum molding machine, semiconductor application, circuit board, photographic plate making machine, line board machine vacuum elevator, vacuum sucker, printing machine, VCD&DVD disc surface vacuum plating, vacuum including immersion, vacuum blister, vacuum vacuum pump for hospital negative pressure system.

Vacuum pump purchase guide


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