Rotary vane vacuum pump in automated production

Rotary vane vacuum pump in automatic production of application

Rotary vane vacuum pump in automated production

In lithium battery production enterprises cannot leave the automation production, some automation equipment need to use the vacuum suction cups, vacuum pump before are not yet common, are vacuum generator on each automation equipment installation, equipment for the requirement of the vacuum degree is not high (80 kpa) vacuum generator is the use of compressed air into the vacuum generator to produce vacuum, compressed air compressor is used to produce, air compressor power consumption is very high. Dongguan puno vacuum technology co., LTD. After detailed calculation of the air compressor and rotary plate vacuum pump use cost ratio is 4:1. Rotary vacuum pump can be centralized control, one or more vacuum pump to maintain the entire plant vacuum requirements.

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of variable volume mechanical vacuum pump which USES the rotating motion of rotor and vane which can slide in the slot of rotor to obtain vacuum. When the task fluid is used to stop the smooth and fill the dead gap in the pump cavity, separating the exhaust valve and the atmosphere, it is commonly known as the oil seal vane vacuum pump. When there is no task fluid, it is a dry rotary vacuum pump.

Lithium battery industry maintenance of equipment, environmental protection, now requires the rotary vacuum pump no oil, no water. Punnock vane vacuum pump is a very suitable choice.

We only list some applications of rotary vane vacuum pump in automatic production. These are just a few examples of vacuum pump applications. If you cannot find the information you need in this article, please contact us, we are fully capable of providing you with the ideal vacuum pump that meets your requirements.

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