Liquid ring vacuum pump sand blasting technology

I think you have a certain understanding of all aspects of liquid ring vacuum pump, and there are some more in-depth issues to discuss with you.

1. After the first sand spray of liquid ring vacuum pump and natural air drying, continue to apply industrial glue (silicon dissolving slurry) on the surface of wax mold, and spray the second layer of sand. The particle size of the second layer of sand is larger and coarser than that of the previous first layer of sand. After spraying the second layer of sand, the wax mold is allowed to air dry under the set constant temperature.

2. After the second sand spraying of liquid ring vacuum pump and natural air drying, the third sand blasting, the fourth sand blasting, the fifth sand blasting and other processes are carried out successively. Requirement:

(1) Adjust the sand blasting times according to the product surface requirements, volume, weight, etc. Generally, the number of sandblasting is 3-7.

(2) The sand size of each sand blasting is different. Generally, the sand in the later process is coarser than that in the previous process, and the time of air drying is different. Generally, the production cycle of sand on a complete wax mold is about 3-4 days.

The above is some knowledge about sand blasting process of liquid ring vacuum pump. I hope it can help you and continue to pay attention to vacuum pump to learn more about it.


Liquid ring vacuum pump sand blasting technology

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