Sugar Processing Industry Pumps

Sugar industry involves a number of complex processes, which require the use of vacuum pumps. The most common applications of vacuum pumps include liquid transportation, molasses replacement and fly ash removal, which require pumps to move high percentage of solids and high viscosity materials. Sugar industry pumps can meet the harsh requirements of sugar industry by providing efficient pumping solutions, minimal downtime and less maintenance.

Why is the application of sugar processing industry pumps in sugar-making process so important? Vacuum availability plays an indispensable role in sugar making process. However, in sugar industry, because of unsatisfactory condensation effect, vacuum efficiency is usually low, which affects the production efficiency of sugar production process. With the effect. High efficiency condenser with 90% condensation effect is combined with liquid ring vacuum pump to make the vacuum more effective.

What are the important steps in sugar making process?

Sugar beet is the main renewable raw material in sugar making. From the washing and extraction of sugar beet to the crystallization of sugar, every step of sugar production process has a perfect solution.

Drying is one of the steps in sugar making process. Normally, the sugar extracted from the centrifuge also contains 0.5% – 1.5% water. It must be fully dried and cooled before it can be packaged and stored. The principle is to remove the water contained in the material so that it is below the boiling temperature of the water. Sugar drying process is basically based on air, so that air flows through the surface of sugar, thus taking away the moisture contained in sugar. Or the drying of sugar is the process by which water diffuses into the air. Vacuum drying of rotary vane vacuum pump is a drying method, in which the material is placed under negative pressure, and the boiling point of the material under negative pressure is properly heated or solidified, and then dried under the melting point by cooling. This is a method of removing air from airtight containers and drying them under reduced pressure.

Among various heating and drying methods under atmospheric pressure, the color, aroma, taste and nutrients of the material suffer a certain degree of loss due to the heat of the material. If vacuum drying is used, mass loss can be reduced by isolating air under negative pressure, and materials that are susceptible to chemical changes such as oxidation during drying can better maintain their original characteristics. Vacuum drying is to put dry food materials into a closed drying chamber. When vacuum system is used, the material to be dried is heated appropriately, so that the moisture in the material diffuses to the surface through pressure difference or concentration difference. Enough kinetic energy is obtained on the surface of the material and, after overcoming the attraction between molecules, it escapes into the low-pressure air of the vacuum chamber and is removed by a vacuum pump.


In the process of sugar production, liquid ring vacuum pump is used to filter and purify raw sugar solution through multi-layer nanometer filter, then evaporate and crystallize to produce high quality sugar with strong natural flavor. The whole process is purely physical production, and there are no chemical processes involving sulfur, lime, phosphoric acid and other compounds in the conventional production process. The method can be applied to a wide range of applications, such as cane juice, raw sugar, crude sugar solution, and even waste molasses. Without adding the whole process, the white sugar produced is extremely safe, which can completely eliminate the pollution caused by the comprehensive utilization of filtered mud and waste molasses by-products, and has good environmental benefits.

Sugar industry pumps have been accepted by sugar industry users. Before the arrival of the new opening period, the high-efficiency condenser was once again favored by users in sugar industry. The high-efficiency condenser and liquid ring vacuum pump were used together to improve production efficiency. This means that sugar industry will bid farewell to chemical excipients such as sulphur, phosphoric acid and lime in order to achieve pure physical process production.

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