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Longer vacuum component utilization and lower overall failure are what you seek. To this end, we are committed to providing reliable performance of products and quality services to meet your needs. In the process of product use, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality after-sales service and support.

EVP vacuum pump and vacuum system is one of the world’s leading vacuum pump manufacturers. Our product range covers vacuum technology solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

With years of experience in the vacuum pump and vacuum system manufacturing field, EVP can provide a full range of vacuum pumps and vacuum systems, to provide the world’s most extensive industrial vacuum technology.

EVP, founded in 2011, is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with business in more than 20 countries/regions around the world, and sales agents in more than 10 countries around the world, which can provide on-site technical support and customized vacuum solutions for customers.
We now have two manufacturers with a total area of about 50,000 square meters. The existing staff of more than 100 people. Is the domestic top vacuum pump manufacturing base. The company has gathered a large number of vacuum industry elite and professional and technical personnel.

With the continuous development of the company after the restructuring, especially in the recent five years to maintain the annual growth rate of 50% steady growth, so that our company production and sales in the same industry in the country for five consecutive years in the forefront, the company has a strict quality management system, high-quality staff, improve the after-sales service system.

All our vacuum products have rich options and advanced design features, can meet a variety of different application needs, to the most appropriate, most cost-effective solutions to enable customers to gain benefits. We constantly conduct self-assessment to ensure that the highest level is always maintained, and continue to develop innovative technologies to set a benchmark for the future development of vacuum system applications.

Main products:
1. Liquid ring vacuum pump (2BV ; 2 be1; 2 be3; DLV;2 sk;2 s / 2 sy; CL; The AT/TC; 2 be);
2, Rotary vane vacuum pump (2X-A; 2 xz;SV;) ;
3, Metal oil diffusion pump (kn160-kn1600; TK150 – TK500);
4. Roots vacuum pump series (zjp-30); ZJP ZJP – 70-150. ZJP – 300; ZJP – 600; ZJP – 1200; ZJP – 2500);
5, Piston vacuum pump;
6. Various vacuum units;
7, screw pump;
8. Molecular pump;
9. Others: customized vacuum system, vacuum instrument, helium mass spectrometry leak detector, vacuum valve and connecting parts, etc.

Vacuum Pump Manufacturers Suppliers

In your vacuum applications, we can meet your every need. For some special requirements, our professional technical team will provide you with a reasonable vacuum solution. At present, our products have been used in various industries in the industrial field: semiconductor, flat panel display, LED and solar cell manufacturing, power, glass and other coating applications, steel and other metallurgy, pharmaceutical and chemical, vacuum packaging and drying, etc.

EVP vacuum will further develop the global market, expand its global market share through innovative industrial solutions, and continuously provide sustainable productivity for global customers.

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