Vacuum pumps used in the food industry nuts

Talking about nuts, no one would connect them with a vacuum pump. But with science and technology advancing, vacuum pump now has close connection with nuts,such as chestnut, sunflower seeds.


The vacuum burst is a machine for nuts-shell peeling.The nuts should be rinsed and selected firstly (mainly for moldy or vermin-contained raw material picking ), and then put into a vacuum burst machine. Heat the wet material to a certain temperature. With the suction effect of vacuum pump,the nuts absorb heat and moisture in its shell would be removed imtermittently. Then toughness and strength of shell will decrease, yet brittleness considerably is increased simutaneously.Moreover, the outside pressure will be lowered down by vacuum effect, but the inner remains at a relatively high pressure condition. Hereby, with shell heated and dried, nutlet are also heated and vaporized. The nuts shrinkaged due to water loss. Hense the shell and nutlet will separate automatically.With the further increasing of vacuum degress, the shell and inner skin will burst when the vacuum reahed to certain degree.


Vacuum burst processing technology is not only efficient, but also healthy. it has broad application value. Comparing to grinding, rolling, extrusion and other processing, this technology can keep the nuts’prototype , colors, flavors. Thus it greatly reduce the fragmentation and loss of nuts. With a vacuum burst, shell burst rate can be 90%, product quality is greatly can adapt to mass production.

Understand now ? Though this application may only adopted on some large-scale food processing enterprises. there may be a few years later, at home, you can see housewives use it to deal with nuts foods,as usual as using the rice cooker.


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