What is the difference between Roots steam compressor and Roots blower?

Roots blower has a wide range of uses, and conveying steam is one of them. The working principle of roots steam compressor and roots blower is the same, and there will be some differences in some details. Today, the blower editor will tell you:

What is the difference between Roots steam compressor and Roots blower?

1. Material problems
When the steam compressor is conveying steam, the temperature is higher, which requires the steam compressor to have better corrosion resistance. The material selection is mostly made of stainless steel, while the ordinary roots blower is made of cast iron.

2. Problems with seals
Roots blower generally uses expansion ring seal, and steam compressor generally adopts mechanical seal with other sealing methods to reduce gas leakage.

3. Application of transmission mode
The ordinary roots blower adopts belt drive, which is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance and affordable in price. However, most roots steam compressors adopt direct drive, because the temperature of the whole machine is very high, the direct drive is more stable.

4. Similarities
The working principle of Roots blower and roots steam compressor is the same. In terms of technical requirements, steam compressor has higher requirements.

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