Saudi Arabia liquid ring pump price

Small series in Saudi Arabia supply of liquid ring pump, Saudi Arabia liquid ring pump price is cheap. Interested friends please continue to read, we will teach you how to choose the most suitable liquid ring pump for you.

Saudi Arabia liquid ring pump price

Vacuum pump manufacturers explain how to choose the vacuum pump?

Customers often question the choice of liquid ring pump. In fact, the choice of vacuum pump mainly depends on the pump pumping speed and pump limit vacuum degree. It is not difficult to know that the final vacuum degree is determined by the production process conditions. However, when choosing vacuum pumps, it often lacks data, which makes it helpless. The following sections describe some calculation methods for homework reference.

The pumping capacity of vacuum pump shall include non-condensing gas released in the production process, dissolved air released by cooling water, current value of total steam pressure of fluid in the process, and air leaked when the equipment is not fully connected to the pipeline. However, since the amount of non-condensable gas released in the process is generally small and negligible, the key components are the last two.

1. The amount of air leaked from a vacuum system can be determined by one of the following four methods:

1. According to the total volume of vacuum system equipment and pipes;

2. Equipment and pipeline accessories assembled by vacuum system. Although this method is conservative, the results can be used in the case of more dynamic air leakage and are suitable for practical operation.
3. According to the connection length of vacuum equipment, pipes and other accessories, the air leakage per meter shall be calculated as 0.05-0.07 [kg/h], and then doubled.

Select some parameters of vacuum pump conditions:

1. The ultimate pressure of vacuum pump shall meet the process operating pressure. The ultimate pressure of the selected pump is usually an order of magnitude lower than the process requirements.

2. Each pump has a certain working pressure scale. Therefore, the working point of the pump should be selected within the scale range, rather than allowing it to work during the permitted working pressure hours.

3. The vacuum pump shall be able to discharge all the gases in the vacuum process under the working pressure of the vacuum equipment.

4. Whether the oscillation in the operation of vacuum pump has an impact on the process and environment, if not, the non-oscillation pump or anti-oscillation measures should be adopted.

5. Know the composition of extracted gas. The gas does not contain condensable steam, particulate dust and corrosion. In the selection of vacuum pump, it is necessary to know the gas composition, and choose the right pump for the pumped gas. If the gas contains steam, particulate matter and corrosive gases, consider installing auxiliary equipment, such as condenser and dust collector, in the intake pipe of the pump.

6. When selecting oil seal vacuum pump, the influence of oil vapor (lampblack) discharged by liquid ring pump on the environment should be considered. If the environment is not allowed to be polluted, choose the oil-free vacuum pump, or discharge the oil vapor to the outdoor.

7. Selection of vacuum unit: when the vacuum pump used cannot meet the requirements of vacuum pumping, multiple pumps shall be combined to complement each other to meet the technical requirements. Finally, I want to tell you, between the ring pump and household liquid ring pump, which liquid ring pump is the very choice. In fact, only the household liquid ring pump is the most suitable. If the cost is considered, the price of liquid ring pump is more favorable. If economic conditions allow, considering the import and export of equipment and quality customer matching, promote the use of longer life, better quality liquid ring pump.

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