vacuum pump for food packaging

vacuum pumps for food packaging and processing applications. Types include single and multi-Venturi tubes, high-flow conveyors, pneumatic refrigerants and miniature vacuum pumps. Provide various specifications and functions. It also provides mufflers and vacuum cups, filters and switches. It is also suitable for carton erection, labeling, filtering, stacking, lamination, forming and thermoforming, and vacuum packaging applications.

Vacuum pumps have long been used to remove oxygen from plastic packaging to extend the shelf life of food. Vacuum packaging helps protect flavor, eliminate or reduce exposure to bacteria and other elements that may alter food taste and quality.

Vacuum is an important and widely-used utility in the food industry. Until today, rotary vane pumps were the norm. Traditionally, food packaging plants use rotary vane vacuum pumps in these processes, which open in the morning and run all day.

Where can vacuum be used in the packaging process?

Vacuum often plays an important role in packaging process and production. Vacuum technology can effectively and accurately form packaging, thermal forming and coating. It can also be moved, transported, opened and sealed through vacuum. In the process of packaging, the goods to be packed can be put in and inserted under the action of vacuum.

The use of vacuum in food packaging helps to extend the freshness of food without reducing its quality. The appearance, freshness and flavor of fresh food can be maintained by using MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).


Which vacuum pumps are particularly suitable for packaging applications?

Rotary vane vacuum pump is an ideal vacuum equipment for packaging. They adopt the mature principle of rotating blades and are considered as “food packaging vacuum pumps”.

How the rotary vane vacuum pump works

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a positive displacement pump, which consists of blades inserted into the offset rotor installed in the pump barrel. The blade slides out of the rotor by centrifugal force while sealing and maintaining contact with the pump housing. Air is trapped between the rotor and the blade, which increases the cell size and forms the chamber into which the fluid enters.

When the blade continues to rotate and retract, the size of the chamber decreases, resulting in the intercepted air discharged through the outlet. Because the blade has been in contact with the pump rotor and shell, it will cause wear and tear on the pump.

We also provide oil-free technologies for a wide range of packaging applications, such as efficient and energy-saving rotary vane vacuum pumps and scroll vacuum pumps. For example, scroll vane vacuum pumps are used to transport foils that form tubular bags during packaging, while scroll vacuum pumps are mainly used for processing or holding processes.

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