Vacuum pump exhaust gas treatment

In fact, the vacuum pump itself will not produce exhaust gas. The exhaust gas discharged by the vacuum pump is mainly the gas component used in the working system. How to deal with this part of the exhaust gas? In fact, the simple and direct way with less investment is to collect and clean it by carbon adsorption. Chemical emissions, the use of activated carbon adsorption characteristics, can adsorb harmful components of the gas, so as to achieve a good effect of air purification, EVP vacuum pump manufacturers take you to understand the vacuum pump exhaust gas treatment used in two ways.

The composition of the waste gas produced by the vacuum pump is not single. The two kinds of process flow can make the organic waste gas be purified by equipment after collection, and then discharged into the atmosphere through a 15-meter chimney at high altitude.


1. Carbon adsorption method: mainly composed of activated carbon layer and support layer. Activated carbon has developed voids, large specific surface area and high adsorption capacity. Because of this characteristic, activated carbon is widely used in advanced treatment of water, such as domestic water supply, advanced treatment of sewage after (water purification) and so on. After using activated carbon for a period of time, a large number of adsorbates are adsorbed and gradually tend to be saturated, thus losing the working ability. In serious cases, activated carbon will penetrate the filter layer. Therefore, the regeneration or replacement of activated carbon should be carried out.

2. Ion Purification: Low-temperature plasma is formed by high-pressure generator. Under the action of a large number of electrons with an average energy of about 5eV, organic waste gas molecules such as benzene, toluene and xylene in the purifier are transformed into various active particles, which are combined with oxygen in the air to form low-molecular harmless substances such as hydrogen oxide and carbon dioxide, so as to make the waste gas clean. Change. In the process of treatment, when the organic gas enters the cold ion reactor, the gas is evenly distributed to the plasma reactor (PRC). The reaction chamber is divided into 149 hexagonal tubes, with a coronal wire in the center of each tube separated from the reaction chamber independently.

The high voltage can be adjusted by conducting the high voltage wire to the reaction chamber, and the high voltage can be connected to the tubular wire in the tube. Discharge occurs from wire to pipe wall. Once discharged, plasma electrons collide with gas molecules to produce chemically active nuclides, commonly known as radical and load carriers. In addition, it has the function of a micro electrostatic precipitator, which can remove dust.

The above two methods are introduced. In fact, there are many ways to deal with the waste gas of vacuum pump. The main problem is the collection of the waste gas of vacuum pump. It is necessary to design the diameter of main pipe and branch pipe, and then to collect the waste gas by side suction or up suction, and to choose how much air volume and pressure to use. Wind turbines, these are the determinants of purification effect, if you have any questions about the use of vacuum pumps, you are welcome to contact

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