Liquid ring vacuum pump cleaning

In order to operate the liquid ring vacuum pump normally, daily maintenance is very important. Cleaning is a maintenance work. How to do this work? Let’s introduce the cleaning measures of liquid ring vacuum pump:

1. In the initial cleaning, in order to save money, recycle gasoline can be used first, then wash gasoline, and finally clean it with aviation gasoline. Then check the damage and scratches carefully.

2. Use cotton cloth and silk cloth dipped in a small amount of acetone or carbon tetrachloride to clean the surface of parts one by one, and it is better not to use cotton yarn, so as to avoid the cotton yarn into the liquid ring vacuum pump.

3. If rusty or burred parts are found, they can be lightly polished with oilstone or metallographic sandpaper to remove rust spots and burr. Pay attention to the smoothness of the parts.

4. For the through-hole, oil tank and gas channel of the oil way, the accumulated particle impurities, dust, dirt and oil dregs shall be cleaned, and the place with shell shall be removed gently. Finally, use compressed air to blow the oil way through and dry it. Make sure that there is no gasoline or solvent for cleaning in the oil way slot.

5. The cleaned parts shall be dried (blown or wiped with silk cloth) and covered to prevent ash falling. If there are parts on the liquid ring vacuum pump waiting for repair and processing, other parts can be properly coated with clean vacuum pump oil to prevent rust.

The cleaning of liquid ring vacuum pump can avoid failure and reduce cost.

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Liquid ring vacuum pump cleaning

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