Vacuum equipments in the vacuum coating industry plays an important role

Vacuum pump and vacuum equipment  is an important part of the vacuum coating industry, if there is no efficient advanced vacuum coating machine, there will be no modernization of coating industry.For a long time, due to the increase of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, great impact on the status and role of coating industry in the national economy, more and more to the requirement of coating products, market demand is bigger and bigger.

In many scientific research personnel, after a long process, vacuum coating equipment by the great progress in China, in just a few decades, vacuum coating technology got the great leap forward, developed a variety of coating process for different products.

It has been proved that the development of the vacuum equipment lead to the development of the coating equipment at the same time led to the development of coating industry, their role in the national economy in our country and position is self-evident.

Is the precondition of coating technology innovation vacuum coating equipment, coating equipment, the variety of complex, only according to the large process points often have such as evaporation vacuum coating machine, vacuum magnetron sputtering coating machine, plasma PVD coating technology, according to the requirements of each coating processing enterprises also need to configure the different equipment and procedures.

In the coating industry, every vacuum coating machine contains the roots vacuum pump, oil diffusion vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pump, etc., the vacuum pump in the vacuum coating machine play what kind of role?It is mainly used for pumping air into vacuum state, because in the vacuum coating, thin film materials evaporation as atoms or molecules, and then to larger free path for linear motion, collision substrate surface and condensation, forming a layer of thin film.If there is excessive deposition room residual gas molecules, so will evaporate and material’s atoms or molecules collisions occur frequently, influence of atoms or molecules evaporation materials reach the substrate, forming film;In addition, the residual gas molecules too much will make the purity of the membrane and fastness to decline, at the same time, making it easier for the evaporation materials by oxidation and impurities.

Coating machinery in China, after decades of development, formed a complete, rational layout, varieties, technology level and coating industry development to adapt to the basic system, vacuum coating equipment can no longer be called a new industry, the innovation ability is a mature industry, coating technology shall be given heavier pollution into light pollution until later in the pollution-free, innovation is the premise, as a new type of high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection vacuum equipment research and development will certainly change the whole industry.

Now most of the coating industry using vacuum coating, vacuum equipment has become the indispensable machines within the industry, as a research and development production of vacuum coating equipment manufacturers, increasing the financial input in technology innovation, research and development of key advanced complete sets of equipment, improve the ability of independent innovation must route.

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