corrosion resistant water ring vacuum pump installation

How to assemble the roller bearing and coupling of the corrosion-resistant water ring vacuum pump

We know a lot about corrosion-resistant water ring vacuum pump. Today EVP water ring vacuum pump manufacturers will introduce the assembly of rolling bearing and coupling of corrosion-resistant water ring vacuum pump. Interested partners will learn about it together.

1、 Assembly method of rolling bearing

The assembly of the rolling bearing of the corrosion-resistant water ring vacuum pump depends on the interference between the rolling bearing and the journal or the bearing hole. When the remaining amount is relatively small, press in method is used for assembly. When the surplus is large, hot assembly can be used.

When the press in method is used for assembly, the copper rod and hammer can strike the overfilled inner ring symmetrically in a certain order. In addition, the sleeve made of soft metal can also be driven by a hammer or pressed by a press.

When assembling by hot assembly method, the bearing is heated in the engine oil first. The oil temperature should be below 100 ℃. Immediately after removal from the oil, it should be sleeved on the journal. The advantage of hot charging is that it does not destroy the matching characteristics.


2、 Assembly of coupling

The coupling of the corrosion-resistant water ring vacuum pump is a device that connects the driving shaft and the driven shaft together. It is divided into motor coupling and pump coupling. During installation, the two halves of the coupling must be concentric, and a certain axial clearance must be maintained between the two ends, otherwise the operation and service life of the machine will be seriously affected. Therefore, the discovery of coupling is an important part of assembly work.

(1)Coupling misalignment requirements

The axis of pump shaft and motor shaft shall be in the same straight line. If there is a certain tilt (i.e. a certain dislocation), the machine will not run smoothly, resulting in vibration and noise, resulting in bearing wear and affecting the service life of the machine. Therefore, when installing the coupling halves, there should be misalignment requirements.

Since the outer circle dimensions of the two coupling halves are equal, the misalignment can be checked by the outer circle. The inspection method is to place a straight edge on the outer circle of the two coupling halves and observe whether the straight edge fits closely with the outer circle of the two couplings. If the ruler is firmly fixed on one coupling, but there is clearance with the other coupling, the two couplings are not concentric and need to be adjusted. In this way, check the upper, lower, left and right positions until they are tight and there is no gap. The misalignment of the coupling shall not exceed 0.05mm

(2) Axial clearance requirements of coupling

In order to avoid collision between the two couplings during operation, the axial clearance between the two couplings shall be uniform. The gap size can be checked with feeler gauge, which is generally 4-6 mm.

In any case, we have our own methods. Just as we have our own learning methods when we study, only by assembling the roller bearing and coupling of the corrosion-resistant water ring vacuum pump according to the correct assembly method can we better use them.

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