Roots blower installation conditions

Roots blower is a kind of high-speed machine, which will produce slight vibration during operation. To ensure a stable working environment, it must be fixed on a stable floor during installation. First, you should choose a quiet, low-income environment for installation. If you install it in a crowded environment, you may encounter unnecessary problems, which may cause burns and burns. Therefore, for safety reasons, you have to choose a quiet environment. Sufficient space is required around the base surface to ensure the vent can be discharged smoothly. If there is a problem with the roots blower, there is enough maintenance space.

When installing the fan, make sure the ground foundation is smooth and stable. No gaps or impurities are required. If the ground is in a pit state, it must be leveled. Make sure the ground is smooth. When the fan is placed outdoors, in order to prevent rain erosion, a rainproof shed must be installed to provide a dry and bright environment for the fan.

If the fan is used in an environment higher than 40 ° C, cooling devices need to be installed on the exhaust fan to keep the fan in a warm environment to ensure normal operation. After installation, check that each part of the roots blower is installed. Loosening ensures that every part of the fan is tightened and that the fan is lubricated regularly for maintenance.


We all know that roots blower is widely used. In use, I believe many people have encountered roots blowers when they are not exposed to the air or when the amount of aeration is insufficient. What’s going on? Please see the following:

1. Wrong selection

If the pressure is not enough in the selection process, or the amount of sewage treatment is larger than the actual selection, it will lead to wrong selection and insufficient aeration;

2. Aeration plate blocked

In sewage treatment, aeration plate is easy to block. If the aeration disk is blocked in use, aeration or exposure will be reduced.

3. Roots blower failure

Roots blower has been used for a long time, all parts are aging and corrosion, which will cause various small problems, such as aeration problem.

4. Causes of pipeline

If the pipe is blocked or damaged, the ventilation volume will be affected when the septic tank of Roots blower is ventilated. There is also a long pipe or too many bends, which can also affect ventilation.

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