Liquid ring vacuum pump for foam industry

In the production and manufacture of foam products, the foam industry needs vacuum pumps in various processes. The liquid ring vacuum pump is more suitable because of the particularity of the foam production process.

In the process of foam production, liquid ring vacuum pump plays an indispensable role in foam forming, vacuum dewatering and other processes.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for foam industry

But what should foam industry pay attention to when using liquid ring vacuum pump?

First of all, we should have a correct understanding of the type selection of liquid ring vacuum pump. There is no fixed matching in the selection of liquid ring vacuum pump. The selection and matching of liquid ring vacuum pump are various. In general, according to the actual use and requirements of customers, fozhen will provide customers with a liquid ring vacuum pump scheme suitable for their on-site use from the perspective of customers. Many users are not very familiar with the performance and work of different series of liquid ring vacuum pumps. They often require that the higher the vacuum degree is, the better the pumping capacity is. As a result, the waste and the difference in the selection of type are also caused.

Secondly, in the foam industry, when the liquid ring vacuum pump is used, the circulating water temperature is too high. When the water temperature is too high, it will affect the performance of liquid ring vacuum pump and reduce the efficiency of liquid ring vacuum pump. Cavitation may also occur, resulting in the damage of liquid ring vacuum pump components and overload of motor.

Thirdly, attention should be paid to adding pre filtration device before liquid ring vacuum pump. Due to the particularity of foam production, a lot of foam particles and dust will be produced during the production process. When the liquid ring vacuum pump inhales particles, it will wear the parts of the liquid ring vacuum pump, and affect the performance of the liquid ring vacuum pump.

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