Roots blower for medical mechanical breathing device

Respiratory device

The breathing device used by patients with lung diseases is equipped with our small air ring blower to compress the breathing air, then filter the air, and increase the oxygen content or dosage if necessary. Install a valve to regulate the patient’s breathing air pressure according to the respiratory cycle and treatment needs.
Precautions for Roots blower used in respiratory device of medical machinery

Roots blower for medical mechanical breathing device

What is the preparation of Roots blower before starting

Roots blower is a volumetric blower. The volume of air conveyed is proportional to the number of revolutions. The three blade impeller is sucked and draught 3 times by 2 impellers at each rotation. Compared with the two blade type, the gas pulsation is small, the vibration is small, and the noise is low. What preparations should be made before starting the impeller end face and the front and rear end covers of the blower?

1. Fully open the intake control valve, outlet control valve and bypass pipe of Roots blower.
2. Check whether the air filter in the air inlet is clear and whether the filter inlet is fully open.
3. Check the stability of Roots blower pipe, valve, muffler and air filter bracket, and do not load the sleeve;
4. Check whether the lubricating oil is in good condition, whether the model is suitable, whether the lubricating oil layer depth is 3-5cm above the specified oil line, and whether the cooling water system is smooth;
5. Rotate the coupling to check whether the impeller is conveying correctly and whether there is friction and collision.
6. Check whether the connection of Roots blower is good and loose.
7. Clean up the surrounding debris and keep the blower free of debris within two meters.
8. Check the electrical components and start the equipment in good condition.

When the roots blower is in normal operation, the operator shall pay close attention to the operation status of all parts, observe the temperature of all parts of the machine, the vibration of the machine and the noise of the muffler, and stop the machine immediately under any abnormal condition.

The roots blower sometimes makes a sharp noise when it stops

There is a gap between the two rotors. Replacement method: open the filler cap of the oil tank, remove the oil supply filter element, clean the filter element, and make the residual oil flow out quickly and completely. The way to remove impurities or scale is to mix impurities in the body or form scale due to medium. His total pressure is static + dynamic, which is a bad idea. The roots blower sometimes makes a sharp noise when it stops. The blower output air is clean. What do you know about the characteristics of Roots blower? Although many machines now use roots blowers and many people have access to them, few people really know about them.

In view of this situation, we need to do some preparation before the operation. As long as the air flow in the air duct has a certain dynamic pressure, its value is always positive. Otherwise, it will cause blower vibration and oil leakage and affect the service life of the blower. The realization of the above points can reduce the failure of Roots blower in use and improve the efficiency of blower. On the contrary, diamond mouth is recommended. Its structure and working principle are similar to roots blower. When it works, its suction port is connected with main pump or vacuum system of vacuum vessel.

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