water ring vacuum pump bearing cause of abnormal noise

In the process of using water ring vacuum pump, abnormal bearing noise sometimes occurs. If not handled in time, the motor of water ring vacuum pump will be damaged. So what are the main reasons for the bearing abnormal noise of water ring vacuum pump?

The reasons for the abnormal noise of water ring vacuum pump bearing are as follows:

1. Oil has impurities;

2. Insufficient lubrication (oil level is too low, improper storage leads to oil or grease leakage through the seal);

3. The clearance of the bearing is too small or too large (problem of the manufacturer);

4. Impurities such as sand or carbon particles are mixed into the bearing to play the role of abrasive;

5. The bearing is mixed with water, acid, paint and other dirt, which plays a corrosive role;

6. The bearing is clamped flat by the seat hole (the roundness of the seat hole is not good, or the seat hole is not straight);

7. The pad iron on the bottom surface of the bearing seat is uneven (resulting in deformation of the seat hole or even cracks in the bearing seat);

8. There are sundries in the bearing seat hole (residual chips, dust particles, etc.);

9. Eccentric sealing ring (contact with adjacent parts and friction occurs);

10. The shaft bears extra load (the shaft bears axial tension, or there are two fixed end bearings on one shaft);

11. The fit between the bearing and the shaft is too loose (the diameter of the shaft is too small or the tightening sleeve is not tightened);

12. The clearance of the bearing is too small and it is too tight when rotating (the tightening sleeve is too tight);

13. Bearing noise (caused by roller end face or steel ball slipping);

14. The thermal elongation of the shaft is too large (the shaft bears the static indefinite axial additional load);


15. The shaft shoulder is too large (touching the seal of the bearing and friction occurs);

16. The shoulder of the seat hole is too large (the seal of the bearing is distorted);

17. The clearance of labyrinth seal ring is too small (friction with shaft);

18. The teeth of the lock washer are bent (touching the bearing and friction occurs);

19. The position of the oil slinger is not appropriate (contact with the flange cover and friction occurs);

20. There is a pressure pit on the steel ball or roller (caused by striking the bearing with a hammer during installation);

21. The bearing has noise (interference of external vibration source);

22. Bearing discoloration and deformation due to heating (caused by dismantling bearing by using spray gun);

23. The shaft is too thick to make the actual fit too tight (resulting in high bearing temperature or noise);

24. The diameter of the seat hole is too small (resulting in high bearing temperature);

25. The diameter of bearing seat hole is too large, and the actual fit is too loose (bearing temperature is too high – outer ring slipping);

26. The bearing seat hole becomes larger (the non-ferrous metal bearing seat hole is propped up, or becomes larger due to thermal expansion);

27. The cage is broken.

28. The bearing raceway is rusted.

29. Wear of steel ball and raceway (unqualified grinding or product bruised).

30. The raceway of the ferrule is unqualified (the problem of the manufacturer).

The above are 30 reasons for abnormal bearing noise of water ring vacuum pump. In case of any situation, the operation of water ring vacuum pump must be stopped for inspection to prevent damage of water ring vacuum pump.

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