Pneumatic high-vacuum butterfly valve

Valve model: GIQ high vacuum butterfly valve
Diameter specification: dn50-dn400
Structural form: double clip type
Valve body material: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L
Nominal pressure: 2×105 ~ 1.3×10-5
Applicable temperature: NBR – 25 – + 80 ℃, fluororubber – 30 – + 150 ℃
Application: vacuum system, air and non corrosive gas
Product features: good sealing performance, can be used in vacuum or low pressure

Pneumatic high-vacuum butterfly valve

Pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve:

GIQ pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve refers to the valve whose working pressure is lower than the standard atmospheric pressure to form a certain vacuum. It is used to adjust the air flow, cut off and connect the pipeline in the vacuum system, and is generally used to control air and non corrosive gas. The valve plate of pneumatic vacuum butterfly valve adopts clamping structure. The sealing ring of the valve plate is clamped, and the leakage is zero. It can be used not only in vacuum but also in low pressure. Pneumatic vacuum butterfly valve is powered by compressed air and drives the disc to rotate to open and close, so as to connect or cut off the air flow in the pipeline. It can be divided into double action and single action. The single action has the function of spring reset and can be automatically reset in case of failure.

Pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve of features
1, the bearing adopts self-lubricating bearing, and the friction resistance is small.
2, do not need to remove the valve from the pipeline to replace the butterfly plate seal ring.
3. The valve can cut off the medium in both directions, realize reliable sealing and zero leakage in both directions.
4. The shaft seal adopts a special structure with automatic compensation to separate the external atmosphere from the pipeline, so as to ensure the vacuum degree of the pipeline.

Pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve of technical parameters

Application range (PA) 2×105~1.3×10-5
Air leakage rate (pa.l / s) ≤1.3×10-6
Driving form Compressed air (4-7 bar)
Medium temperature (℃) Nbr-25 ~ + 80, fluororubber-30 ~ + 150
Flange standard GB6070.3-85
Installation position arbitrarily
Form of action
Single acting type: air to close type (b) – valve position open (FO) in case of gas loss; air opening type (k) – valve position closing (FC) during gas loss
Double acting type: air close type (b) — valve position keeping (FL) when losing gas; air opening type (k) — valve position keeping during gas loss (FL)
control mode Switch type (switch two position control)
Regulating type (4-20mA signal regulating flow size)

Pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve actuator:

Actuator model GT, at, AW series single and double acting pneumatic actuators
Air supply pressure 0.4~0.7MPa
air connection G1/4″、G1/8″、G3/8″、G1/2″
ambient temperature -30~+70℃
Form of action Single acting actuator and double acting actuator
Optional Accessories Positioner, solenoid valve, air filter pressure reducer, retaining valve, travel switch, valve position transmitter, hand wheel mechanism, etc

Pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve of connection dimension:

Nominal diameter (DN) 50 63 80 100 125 150 200 250 300 400
Connection size A 26 32 35 50 55 60
ΦD 110 130 145 165 200 225 285 335 425 510
ΦB 90 110 125 145 175 200 260 310 395 480
n-ΦC 4-Φ9 8-Φ9 4-Φ12 12-Φ11 12-Φ14 16-Φ14

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