2BE belt pulley driven vacuum pump

2BE liquid ring vacuum pump scope of application

1. The 2be liquid ring vacuum pump can work continuously for a long time in the range of ambient temperature 5-40 ℃ and inlet pressure less than 1330pa.
2. The 2be liquid ring vacuum pump is not suitable for pumping the gases with high oxygen content, toxic, explosive, corrosive to metal, chemical reaction to pump oil, and particle dust, nor for transporting the gas from one container to another for the purpose of conveying pump.

What are the steps to repair the liquid ring vacuum pump
Repair steps:
1. Mold processing: making standard split mold
2. Surface treatment: degrease, polish and clean to ensure the surface is clean, dry and firm.
3. Blending material: accurate proportion and even blending.
4. Application material: ensure bonding, filling and thickness.
5. Install the mold: brush the release agent, install and fix it to ensure the excess material is extruded.
6. Demoulding: after curing, remove the mold to clean up the surplus materials. The materials shall not be knocked. They can be removed by polishing machine, file and other tools to meet the installation requirements.

Liquid ring vacuum pump improvement of anticorrosion technology

1) The new improved anti-corrosion process plan combines the advantages of several existing anti-corrosion liquid ring vacuum pumps. According to the different requirements of the anti-corrosion and cavitation degree of each flow passage part, different process measures are taken on the matrix made of cast iron, cast steel or carbon steel, which greatly improves its acid, alkali and steam corrosion resistance and prolongs its service life.
2) Because the parts matrix of vacuum pump will not be damaged, when the corrosion-resistant lining is aged and failed, it can be easily, economically and effectively maintained repeatedly.
3) It can be applied to all liquid ring vacuum pumps with flat distributor structure, with low cost, long service life and relatively simple manufacturing process. It is suitable for pumping corrosive gases without solid substances in chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, papermaking, pharmaceutical and other industries.

2BE belt pulley driven vacuum pump

2BE belt pulley driven vacuum pump

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