Vacuum pump for vacuum crystallization

Vacuum Drying Crystallization

The vacuum drying crystallization method is a variant of the dry drop method, in which the final analyte/matrix droplets applied to the sample table are dried rapidly in a vacuum chamber. Vacuum drying is one of the simplest options for reducing the size of analyte/matrix crystals and increasing the uniformity of crystals by reducing the separation effect. Because of its mixing results and additional hardware requirements, it is not a widely used sample preparation method.
Step-by-step procedure:
1. The analyte/matrix sample solution was prepared according to steps 1 to 4 of the dry drop method.
2. Drop 0.5 to 2 mL solution on the sample table.
3. Immediately introduce the sample table into the vacuum sealed container and pump the sample to <10-2 torch with a vacuum pump. Wait until the solvent evaporates completely.
4. Introduce the sample into the mass spectrometer.

Next, to introduce the liquid ring vacuum pump used in vacuum crystallization?

How does the liquid ring vacuum pump work?

As the name implies, these pumps operate with water or any other liquid. Similar to other standard pumps on the market, these pumps have vane impellers connected to the central hub. However, the only difference is that these impellers deviate from the central hub.
In conventional centrifugal pumps, the fluid at the suction port of the pump will have a low pressure value. However, the pressure increases as the pressure passes through the impeller stages. Finally, the pressure increases at the outlet. However, in the case of liquid ring vacuum pumps, air is pulled out of the low pressure vessel, making the vessel pressure lower than the value of atmospheric pressure. This leads to vacuum conditions.
The blade located at the top of the pump is closer to the outer wall than the blade at the bottom and side of the pump. Because of this relative eccentricity, the pump produces compression. This eccentricity also results in partial filling and emptying of the rotor chamber in the rotating state. This partially emptying and filling triggers the piston action in each impeller blade or rotor. The components of the pump are designed so that they allow the gas to enter during the evacuation of the liquid in the rotor chamber and discharge it when the compression is completed.

Vacuum pump for vacuum crystallization

Liquid ring vacuum pump of application

Liquid ring vacuum pumps can provide sustainable productivity in harsh environments in the following industries:
Food Processing Plant: Liquid ring vacuum pump for crystallization, filtration, evaporation and freeze-drying applications.
Chemical Industry: In this industry, liquid ring pumps are used in key processes such as evaporation, filtration, distillation, polymerization and deodorization.
Power generation: These pumps are often used in the power generation industry for condenser pumping, ash treatment, degassing, filtration and tank filling applications.
Petrochemical: We provide liquid ring pumps for various applications in the petrochemical industry, such as steam recovery and vacuum distillation.
Offshore: These pumps are often used in several critical and demanding marine applications, such as seawater degassing, drilling mud recovery and MEG recovery.

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