Choose oil – free vacuum pump correctly

In recent years, with the development of oil-free vacuum pump, it has been known and recognized by the public, and the functions of the original type of vacuum pump have been constantly improved. From the original oil-free vacuum pump imported, it has been developed into a domestic oil-free vacuum pump based on foreign technology and innovative research and production. The oil-free vacuum pump is simple in structure and easy to understand in working principle, which is convenient for users to maintain in the future. More importantly, it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Choose oil - free vacuum pump correctly

In the purchase of oil-free vacuum pump, the need to look at each process requirements of oil-free vacuum pump vacuum degree, because each process has its applicable vacuum degree scale, it is necessary to carefully study to determine the vacuum degree. Secondly check the oil – free vacuum pump to determine the process requirements of the variety and amount of air extraction. If the type of gas inhaled reacts with the liquid in the pump, the pump system as a whole becomes contaminated. Also from the exhaust time and the extraction process of the amount of gas is appropriate, in the judgment of the vacuum of oil-free vacuum pump process requirements basically, check the vacuum pump limit vacuum degree.

oil - free vacuum pump

The ultimate vacuum degree is a key parameter of the vacuum pump. It is the characteristic value of the extraction capacity of the reaction pump. It is a value related to the vacuum pump. Then it is necessary to check the time needed to determine whether the required vacuum degree is reached, the flow resistance and leakage of the vacuum pipeline. The oil-free vacuum pump can open the bag and charge the material due to the vacuum drawing on the automatic packaging line; Paper vacuum suction on printing machines. Or the oil-free vacuum pump will inject various liquids into the bottle to form vacuum filling; Or a variety of plastic products in the form of vacuum blister; And the air tightness test of the object surface under the vacuum condition; The marked air suction and paste of carton and bottle items can be realized by using oil-free vacuum pump.

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