Vacuum pump use details

At present, the use of vacuum pump is widespread and common. You don’t know the details of the use of vacuum pump very well. In order to better use the vacuum pump, Xiao Bian will discuss the details of the use of vacuum pump with you.

1. Master the vacuum volume of vacuum pump. In the process of using, we should first determine the time needed to reach the required vacuum degree, and ensure the flow resistance and leakage of the vacuum pipeline.

2. After reaching the required vacuum degree, ensure the required vacuum pumping rate in the given working environment.

3. Determine the limit vacuum degree, check the limit vacuum degree of vacuum pump system on the basis of determining the vacuum degree required by the process, because the limit vacuum degree of the system determines the best working vacuum degree of the system. Generally speaking, the limiting vacuum degree of the system is 20% lower than the working vacuum degree of the system, and 50% lower than the limiting vacuum degree of the previous stage pump.

4. To confirm the vacuum range of vacuum pump, first check and determine the vacuum degree required by each process. Because each process has its suitable vacuum range, it must be carefully studied and determined.

5. Ensure the type and gas volume of the vacuum pump to be pumped: check and determine the type and gas volume required by the process. Because if the kind of pumped gas reacts with the liquid in the pump, the pump system will be polluted. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the appropriate exhaust time and the amount of gas produced in the process of extraction.

In the use of vacuum pump, we must pay attention to every working link to ensure that each index can reach the set standard. For more information about vacuum pump, please continue to pay attention to the vacuum pump factory.


Vacuum pump use details



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