Roots blower for grain transportation

The pneumatic conveying system also started from conveying grain in the early stage. Roots blower has been used more and more for conveying grain. When roots blower is used for conveying grain, some problems should be paid attention to:

Roots blower for grain transportation

1. Fan selection
The main parameters of rotz fan selection are air volume and pressure parameters. In the grain conveying system, the design should be carried out according to the conveying volume. If there is no fan parameter, you can ask us for the fan design, and you can also provide us with some actual working condition information.

For example: horizontal conveying distance, conveying height, elbow number, per hour conveying capacity, etc. In this way, we can also recommend specific models to you.

2. Supporting equipment
In the pneumatic conveying system, roots blower is the main power facility, and other supporting facilities are needed for grain conveying. The blower is to undertake the customization of pneumatic conveying system. If you need a complete set of facilities, you can state it in advance.

3. About pipes
In the pneumatic conveying system, the pipe is prone to wear, and the wear of large particles is more serious. If we are transporting bulk grain, we should try to choose the ceramic material inside the pipe.

Others: if we are a small grain warehouse, we can use a small type of grain suction machine to transport grain, if the bulk grain can be matched with a special pneumatic conveying system.

The Roots blower forgot to change the oil and stopped running. What’s the problem?

Roots blower lubricating oil must be filled, if you do not add oil will cause a lot of problems, today blower xiaobian to everyone, roots blower lubricating oil problems!

1, forget to change the oil, may cause the fault

Roots fan if the lack of lubricating oil, or long-term do not change the oil, will lead to the gear damage of the friction degree increase, resulting in gear damage, gear damage, will directly affect the operation of the fan, if: the gear has broken teeth, may be directly stuck, resulting in unable to turn.

2. Lack of lubricating oil causes common faults

Lack of lubricating oil, but also a common fault is the bearing damage, bearing damage, the fan can not turn after the damage, a lot of faults often cause the bearing fault, such as: high temperature will cause damage to the bearing, the body into the internal impurities, will cause damage to the bearing, many cases are related to this part.

3. What should I do if I don’t turn?

First of all, we have to screen the fan what went wrong, to check if motor can work normally, if the motor is burnt out, that is only on the maintenance of the fan, if it is a small type of blower, roots blower fan recommend direct replacement, small model of fan service, be inferior to directly replace a New Deal, if we are a large number of fans, can look for factory for repair.

Secondly, we should check the head of the fan to see where the fan is damaged. If the bearing is damaged, change the bearing. If the gear is damaged, change the gear directly.

4. The importance of lubricating oil

Lubricating oil is very important, for the equipment of forced air transmission, the lack of lubricating oil is likely to cause direct damage to the fan, the filling of lubricating oil should be carried out in accordance with the specifications of the fan, and the filling of lubricating oil should be recorded.

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