Water ring vacuum pump system in white water degassing system

The practical application of the water ring vacuum pump system in the white water degassing system has achieved a good effect. At the same time, it also reflects the gradual development of the vacuum equipment in China. Water ring vacuum pump system will be more and more widely used in the future development.

What are the application fields of water ring vacuum pump system?

Special vacuum system for refrigeration industry

Vacuum system of plastic industry

Special vacuum system for vacuum coating

CNC hardware processing vacuum suction vacuum system

Laboratory vacuum system

Small vacuum system

The raw material and white water degassing system is used in the raw material preparation stage to remove the air carried by the raw material or from the dilution water before the raw material enters the mixing tank. Raw material and white water degassing system are very important, because air is removed from papermaking raw materials, which can cause pinholes on paper, and greatly affect printing quality, mechanical properties and overall quality.

The degassing system is a typical vacuum system: since the first start of the device, the whole operation process can be fully automatic controlled. In its work, the vacuum degree in the vacuum system always fluctuates up and down within its allowable range, and its fluctuation range can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements. When the first start fails to reach the vacuum, the second starts to reach the set vacuum value. When the first stops and the second stops circulating, the device automatically controls the system under unmanned operation, and automatically closes the vacuum system in case of power failure. At the same time, the control box can protect the vacuum pump motor from overload and short circuit. The boiling point (27-28 in. HGV) of the raw material at the inlet of the first stage vacuum pump, and the compression ratio of the inlet pressure of the second stage vacuum pump is 4:1. A precondenser is typically used between the degasser and the primary vacuum pump, and a small interstage separator is required between the two vacuum pumps. Vacuum system pumps are made of standard materials.

The whole degassing system includes: degasser, condensate tank, primary vacuum pump and its water separator, secondary vacuum pump and its gas water separator, muffler.

The practical application of the water ring vacuum pump system in the white water degassing system can create conditions for the speed-up of the paper machine, at the same time, improve the uniformity of the paper; the appearance of paper defects such as pinholes is significantly reduced, the quality of paper is optimized, and the market competitiveness of commodities is enhanced. And for the paper production of offset newsprint gradually to color newsprint transition to prepare for the early stage.

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Water ring vacuum pump system in white water degassing system

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