Pumps for Sugar Industry

Vacuum pump as a common industrial pumping tool, its unique mode of work has also attracted the development and reference of other industries. Sugar industry through the use of vacuum pump greatly increased its own revenue, then what role vacuum pump in sugar industry.

1. In the filtration process of sugar industry, liquid ring vacuum pump is needed to pump gas in the whole sugar production process, so it is required to pump gas with high water content.

2. In the whole process of sugar making, vacuum filtration, evaporation concentration, evaporation crystallization and so on need to be completed in vacuum. Therefore, it is strictly required that it can work continuously and continuously for a long time, and has high durability.

3. In sugar making, the pumping capacity of liquid ring vacuum pump must be large and stable when working in high vacuum.

4. At the same time, it is also required to have good wear resistance to meet the working environment and requirements of sugar industry.


Liquid ring vacuum pump has been widely used in food, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical industry and other fields. Do you know the advantages of liquid ring vacuum pump in sugar mills?

Compared with the hydraulic jet condenser, the vacuum system of NADE boiling sugar and evaporating can greatly reduce water and sewage charges and save costs. Its water consumption is only one fifth of that of the water jet condenser, which greatly saves the water consumption along the river. Especially for sugar mills which lack water resources or have high environmental protection requirements, it is a cost-effective investment to use NADE to boil sugar and evaporate vacuum system. At the same time, it reduces environmental pollution and benefits future generations.

Compared with the reciprocating vacuum pump, the liquid ring vacuum pump has the following advantages:

The liquid ring vacuum pump has simple structure, no need to replace accessories, no need to add lubricants in the operation process; large pumping capacity, faster vacuum recovery (only a few minutes), energy-saving effect up to 30%, no internal wear and tear in the operation of equipment, no need to repair, can achieve long-term trouble-free operation, easy installation and simple operation.

Sugar industry needs to ensure that the gas in the sugar can be discharged to improve the income. This can be done by liquid ring vacuum pump to carry out large-scale pumping work and ensure that the normal operation of sugar production is not affected, thus greatly improving the income.

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