Liquid ring vacuum pump gas recovery

Industrial gas recovery process

The exhaust gas of petroleum industry is more, no matter from the time of production or transportation process, can produce harmful gas, at this time you need to have a good understanding of these harmful gas!

Adsorption method

Adsorption has been widely used in indoor air purification, air pollution control, petrochemical and other fields VOC recovery treatment. It can be divided into fixed bed adsorption, mobile bed adsorption and concentrated wheel adsorption. The principle is to use the porous structure of granular activated carbon, carbon fiber, silica gel, artificial zeolite and other adsorbents with dense fine pore structure and relatively large internal surface area to adsorb VOC components on the solid surface, and to achieve the purpose of purification and recycling through continuous adsorption and desorption of adsorbents. The research shows that the activated carbon has the best adsorption performance of VOC.


Absorption method is based on the principle of similar phase dissolution of organic matter, low volatile or non-volatile solvent is adopted to absorb VOC, and then the difference of physical properties of VOC molecules and absorbent is used for separation. This method is applicable to the treatment of high-volume and medium-concentration VOC, and can be used to recover useful components. However, it is difficult to select absorbent, the absorption range is limited, and the absorption solution after absorption needs further treatment, which may cause secondary pollution and higher cost.

Condensation method

Condensation method is the simplest way to recover VOC. It USES the properties of materials with different saturated vapor pressures at different temperatures to reduce VOC to the boiling point of organic matter through the condenser, so that organic matter condenses into droplets, and then falls into the storage tank below the condensation area by gravity, so as to separate them. Commonly used cooling media are cold water, frozen brine and liquid ammonia. The technology has good economic benefit for VOC with high concentration (several percent), high boiling point and recovery.

Membrane separation

Membrane separation is a new and efficient separation method found in seawater desalination. Compared with the traditional condensation, adsorption and absorption methods, it has the advantages of simple process, high recovery rate, low energy consumption and no secondary pollution. It is a separation method with a very promising application prospect. This method is applicable to the separation and recovery of VOC with medium and high concentration (content higher than 1×10-3).

Which of these methods do you think is suitable for your factory?

Liquid ring vacuum pump for gas recovery.

Liquid ring vacuum pump gas recovery

Liquid ring vacuum pump gas recovery in the oil and gas industry, gas recovery is the process of recovering hydrocarbon gas in storage tanks after the gas is released into the atmosphere, whether for upstream production or downstream refining. Gas recovery can be achieved by removing the vacuum and compressing the gas from the storage tank. Through the use of JM liquid ring pump can be recovered, liquefaction, and then reuse ethane gas. For this purpose or in the process using a rotary vane compressor, this includes separating the non-condensable gas through a separator and compressing the gas into the sales line for distribution.

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