Roots vacuum pump in plasma cleaner

Roots vacuum pump in plasma cleaner of application

Plasma cleaning machine is in a vacuum, do not pollute the environment, to ensure that the cleaning surface is not secondary pollution. With the development of economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, the quality requirements of consumer goods are increasingly high. In addition, the continuous development of science and technology, a variety of technical problems continue to put forward, the emergence of new materials, more and more scientific research institutions have recognized the importance of the roots vacuum pump for plasma cleaning machine, vacuum technology has played a very important role. Next, punnock will give you an analysis of roots vacuum pump in the plasma cleaning machine practical application.

Plasma cleaner, also known as plasma cleaner, or plasma surface treatment instrument, is a new high-tech technology that USES plasma to achieve results that conventional cleaning methods cannot. Plasma is a state of matter, also known as the fourth state of matter, does not belong to the common solid liquid gas three states. Apply enough energy to a gas to ionize it and it becomes a plasma. The “active” components of a plasma include ions, electrons, atoms, active groups, excited nuclides (metastable), photons, etc. Plasma cleaner is by using the properties of these active components to treat the sample surface, so as to achieve cleaning, coating and other purposes.

Roots vacuum pump in plasma cleaner

The structure of plasma cleaning machine is mainly divided into three parts: control unit, vacuum chamber and vacuum pump. Make a statement about the following three parts:

1.Control unit

Domestic use of plasma cleaning machine, including foreign imports, the control unit is mainly divided into semi-automatic control, automatic control, PC computer control, LCD touch screen control four ways.

The control unit is divided into two major parts:

1) power supply: there are three main power supply frequencies, namely 40KHz, 13.56mhz and 2.45ghz, among which 13.56mhz requires power matcher.

2) system control unit: divided into three types, button control (semi-automatic, full-automatic), computer control, PLC control (LCD touch screen control).

2.Vacuum chamber

The vacuum cavity is mainly divided into two materials:

1) stainless steel vacuum chamber.

2) quartz cavity.

3.Vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps are divided into two types:

1) dry pump.

2) oil pump.

The above mentioned vacuum pumps are commonly used dry screw vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, oil rotary vacuum pump. Now mainly to introduce the roots vacuum pump in the plasma cleaning machine practical application characteristics.

Roots vacuum pump has the following characteristics:

Large pumping speed in a wide range of pressure;

Quick start, can work immediately;

Insensitive to dust and water vapor contained in the extracted gas;

The rotor need not be lubricated, there is no oil in the pump chamber;

The vibration is small, the rotor dynamic balance condition is good, there is no exhaust valve;

Small driving power, small mechanical friction loss;

Compact structure, small floor space;

Low operating and maintenance costs.

Roots vacuum pump:

From the purchase of accessories to factory sales layer upon layer of strict control, in order to provide better products.

1.15 years of r&d and manufacturing experience, multi-dimensional technology, and more guaranteed product quality

Years of technical experience precipitation, only to make you more satisfied with the product.

2. Direct selling by manufacturers

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3. Strict selection of materials

Strict control of raw material procurement, for good products to lay a solid foundation.

4. Introduce advanced processing equipment

Advanced processing equipment can accurately control the processing accuracy, not only improve the efficiency and improve the quality of equipment, so that it reaches the international level.

5.Assembly line

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6. Responsible for integrity and after-sales service

7. Quick response, lifelong service.

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