Vacuum pumps for excimer and gas lasers

Excimer and gas laser

When using gas lasers or excimer lasers, it is essential that the gas mixture be pure. Therefore, the correct exhaust chamber is the key step in the manufacturing process of gas laser and in the normal operation of excimer laser. In the excimer laser, the used premixed gas needs to be extracted and replaced by a new premixed gas.

This requires a vacuum pump that will reliably and quickly empty the chamber to the necessary height. In order to integrate into the laser housing, it is also important to use a compact, low vibration pump with minimal heat generation. Vacuum pumps meet all these requirements. Designed for reliable, repeatable operation, and with the advantages of advanced control function options, you can ensure that impurities are extracted and the right gas mixture is obtained. Our pumps are also designed to be easily integrated into sensitive instruments, minimizing size. By using the variable speed motor option, vibration and power / heat generation can also be kept to a minimum.

How to improve the vacuum of vacuum pump?

Vacuum pumps for excimer and gas lasers

Many customers will encounter the problem of low vacuum when using the rotary vane vacuum pump. What’s the reason? How to solve it? Here are some reference programs for you to learn, hoping to help you.

(1) If the cooling water of water pump is not enough, start or add cooling water.

(2) The rotary vane vacuum pump should be repaired or replaced due to its long service time, large wear and increased clearance.

(3) Vacuum pump temperature too high:

(4) If the oil level is too low to reach the oil line of the sight glass, add enough oil.

(5) If the mixing valve is not closed due to air leakage, it shall be closed.

(6) The oil will go bad and be replaced with new oil.

(7) If the sealing ring in the oil seal on the front end plate is damaged or the rubber is deteriorated, it shall be replaced.

(8) The rotor spring is broken and should be removed and replaced.

(9) The valve parts are damaged and should be replaced.

(10) The air leakage of the rotary vane vacuum pump is mainly caused by the poor oil seal on the end face of the pump. At this time, open the exhaust cover and check whether the oil pool at B is short of oil. If there is no oil, the oil pool at the filling hole and B should be filled with oil from the filling

(11) If the temperature of the pumped gas is high, the gas should be cooled first, and then cooled into the rotary vane vacuum pump. If the suction cylinder is worn, it should be repaired and replaced.

(12) The filter screen at the air inlet is blocked and removed for cleaning.

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