vacuum pump for Transformer substation

vacuum pump as a very important auxiliary equipment in power plant transformer substation has been widely used in all aspects of power plant transformer substation. Liquid ring vacuum pumps, circulating water pumps, centrifugal pumps, screw vacuum pumps, oil pumps and so on. The operation status of these auxiliary machines is not only related to the safety of power plant transformer substation, but also plays a decisive role in the economic operation and energy saving of power plant transformer substation.

Vacuum pumps mainly include centrifugal vacuum pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps. Their working principles are similar, but they are implemented in different ways. The liquid ring vacuum pump is widely used because of its advantages of safe use, simple operation, economical operation, reliable operation, small contact area between static and dynamic parts, no need for oil lubrication, low operating noise and compact structure. Vacuum pump pumping system has the advantages of simple pipeline layout, small floor area and minimal civil engineering construction. It can be put into commercial operation only by connecting pipeline, gas source and power supply, and can save a lot of water resources.


What is Transformer substation

Substation, place to change voltage. In order to transmit the electric energy from the power plant to a farther place, it is necessary to increase the voltage and turn it into high-voltage power, and then lower the voltage near the user as needed. This kind of work of raising and lowering the voltage depends on the substation. The main equipment of substation is switch and transformer.

Small substations are called substations according to their size. Substations are larger than substations. Substation: Generally, it is a step-down substation whose voltage level is below 110 KV; Substation: including “step-up and step-down” substation with various voltage levels.

Substation is a power facility in power system that transforms voltage, receives and distributes power, controls the flow of power and adjusts voltage. It connects all levels of voltage network through its transformer. Substation in a specific environment; is the AC-DC-AC conversion process. Such as submarine transmission cables and long-distance transmission. Some of them are in the form of HVDC transmission and transformation. HVDC transmission overcomes the capacitance and reactance loss of AC transmission. It has energy saving effect.

Substations are mainly high-voltage transformer substation medium-voltage, or high-voltage transformer substation low-level high-voltage, the substation occupies a larger area, according to different voltage levels and capacities occupy different land. So someone will call it a transformer station.

The application of vacuum pump in transformer substation of power plant can increase the power generation, reduce the coal consumption of power supply effectively, achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, ensure the economic and safe operation of the unit, and ensure the disappearance of leakage points after treatment and the improvement of tightness.

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