Horizontal centrifugal pump

Whether in industry, or agriculture, horizontal centrifugal pump has its incomparable features, and it is also the reason why many construction sites have chosen it.

The overall structure of horizontal centrifugal pump has a smooth appearance in many types of centrifugal pumps, and it adopts horizontal design to make the overall appearance of the pump more natural. At the same time, its horizontal design can save the site and cost in the construction site, and direct outdoor operation.

Because of its use of the latest patented technology, it makes it more stable at work, and its noise is limited to the minimum, which will not affect the surrounding. Its integrated structure gives the device a better balance and compatibility, and USES a longer time frame.

Characteristics of horizontal centrifugal pump:

1. The bearings and accessories of horizontal centrifugal pump are imported alloy materials, which can be easily qualified in high strength industrial production.

2. The centrifugal pump adopts imported design model, which is faster and has excellent performance in similar products.

3. Different structure design makes the equipment have separate pressure holes in the inlet and outlet flanges, which is also convenient in the later maintenance.

4. Horizontal centrifugal pump adopts different design direction in import and export, making it easier to plan and layout the whole pipeline.


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