Fertilizer plant pump

Chemical fertilizer plant equipment inspection and management system

Chemical fertilizer plant also known as chemical fertilizer plant. Chemical fertilizer plant with pump usually USES the chemical method to artificially make the agricultural fertilizer chemical plant, regardless of its product variety how, may call the chemical fertilizer factory, is the inorganic chemical industry important production unit. According to the nutrients needed by plants, the fertilizer products can be divided into nitrogen fertilizer plants, phosphate fertilizer plants, potassium fertilizer plants, composite fertilizer plants, trace element fertilizer plants and humic acid fertilizer plants. According to the scale of production can be divided into large, medium and small fertilizer plants.

The production process of synthetic ammonia includes three steps:

Step 1: gasification is the preparation of raw gas. Ammonia is produced by synthesis.

Step 2: purify the qualified gas for ammonia synthesis.

The third step: compression and synthesis. Compression is to improve and transport gas, but it cannot change the composition of the medium. Synthesis is to synthesize ammonia with refined qualified gas at high temperature, high pressure and the presence of catalyst.

Specific methods for making organic fertilizer:

1. Preparation

(1) weigh and divide the organic matter (water content of 70% or so) to be treated, such as manure of livestock and poultry and rotten leaves of vegetables.

(2) weigh and divide the required auxiliary materials (such as straw, straw, sawdust, etc.) for later use, with a water content of no more than 12%.

(3) weigh and divide the required leavening agent, add the leavening agent at the proportion of 1:10,000, and give it to the concrete at the proportion of 1:30 with corn flour and straw bran, stir and block evenly.

2. Production process

Feces: artificial stirring
Auxiliary materials: — automatic stacking machine — stacking and fermentation — sorting and screening — finished product processing — packaging — storage

(1). Mix livestock and poultry excrement, vegetable rotted leaves and auxiliary materials according to the weight ratio of 3:1, and then add the treated fermentation agent to the fermentation material, and then stir, stir evenly.

(2). The water content of the stirred fermentation should be controlled at 50%-65% to achieve the effect of holding in a group and letting go.

(3). Pile the stirred fermentation materials for fermentation, with the height no less than 1m, width and length no less than 1.5m.

(4) fermentation for 24-36 hours, the temperature can be over 50 degrees, the highest is over 70 degrees, three days can achieve deodorization effect.

(5) after 15 days of stacking and fermentation, it can reach the pollution-free and national organic fertilizer standard, and can be used as base fertilizer. If used as fattening seedling, it can continue to be fermented for 15 days.

Next, I will introduce what pumps are used in chemical fertilizer plants.

Fertilizer plant pump
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