Rotary vane vacuum pump in suction truck

The suction of the vehicle mainly depends on the function of the vacuum pump, which generally has two forms, one is the water circulation vacuum pump, the other is the rotary vane vacuum pump. The suction truck is a new type of environmental sanitation vehicle. It is mainly used to clean the sediments of urban sewers and pipelines, dredge the dead corner mud ditch, and also can be used to clean industrial drainage pipes and walls. It can also be used for sprinkling water, transporting water and flushing highway, and can be used for fire fighting in case of emergency. So, what is the difference between the two vacuum pumps? As well as the rotary vane vacuum pump in the application of suction truck what advantages, with the small make-up to have a look.

The difference between water circulating vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump can be discussed and analyzed from the aspects of working principle, driving mode and suction distance between them.

First of all, their working principles are as follows: the impeller of water circulation vacuum pump is installed in the pump body by eccentricity, and the appropriate amount of water is installed in the pump body as the working fluid. When the impeller rotates, the water in the pump body is thrown around by the impeller. Due to the centrifugal force, the water forms a closed water ring with the same thickness similar to the shape of the pump cavity. The water ring vacuum pump depends on the volume of the pump cavity Change to achieve suction, compression and exhaust, so as to complete the suction and discharge operation of the suction truck. Rotary vane vacuum pump is designed to seal the air in the tank through eccentric rotation of the blades in the shaft and core sleeve, and form negative pressure in essence. The suction and discharge operation of the suction truck is completed by using the difference between the atmospheric pressure and the pressure in the tank.

Secondly, they are driven in different ways. The water circulating vacuum pump is matched with high-power generator set. The generator set is controlled separately, the electric control switch and the manual throttle are controlled. The chassis oil tank can be shared. The whole vehicle is equipped with water tank, which is used for the working fluid of water circulation pump. Rotary vane vacuum pump is connected with engine gearbox through power take-off, driven by transmission shaft and controlled by pneumatic switch. The structure of rotary vane vacuum pump is simpler and does not need the high-power generator set equipped with water circulation pump, so it has relatively low vehicle purchase cost.

Finally, there is the difference in suction. The vertical suction of water circulation vacuum pump is 6-10 m, while that of rotary vane vacuum pump is 5-6 M.

What are the advantages of the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in the suction truck? It needs to be analyzed from its composition. The special rotary vane vacuum pump for the sewage suction truck consists of a pump shell, the inner surface of the pump shell is provided with a cylinder liner, the two ends of the pump shell are respectively provided with front bearing and rear bearing, the pump shaft is installed between the front bearing and the rear bearing, the axis of the pump shaft deviates from the axis of the pump shell, the pump shaft is fixed with a rotor, and the radial direction of the rotor is respectively provided with four slots, and each slot is respectively provided with The contact end between the vane and the cylinder liner is an arc structure, and the arc structure is in line contact with the cylinder liner. By rotating on the rotary vane on the cylinder liner, it contacts with the cylinder liner, thus reducing the friction between the vane and the cylinder liner, making the vane and cylinder liner not easy to wear; it also has many advantages such as good sealing performance, strong adsorption force, etc.

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