Air compressor for petrifaction industrial

Why is petrochemical sector a major compressor demand?

Petrochemical industry is an important basic industry in modern developed countries, which is based on petroleum and natural gas to produce a series of intermediates, plastics, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, synthetic detergents, solvents, coatings, pesticides, dyes, medicines and other important products closely related to the national economy and people’s livelihood.

Gas compressor is the equipment that compresses gas and produces gas compression energy. The purpose of compressing a gas is to transport it or to create the necessary conditions for a chemical reaction. Gas compressor is the key equipment of petrochemical plant. Most petrochemical plants have gas compressor. Therefore, as the “heart” of petrochemical equipment, gas compressor plays a very important role in the development of petrochemical industry.

Compressor is an important key equipment in petrochemical industry production, generally used centrifugal compressor, reciprocating compressor, screw compressor, etc.

Most of the compressor transport medium for petroleum mixture gas, natural gas, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, methane, ethylene, propylene, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide. Most petrochemical production units are continuously produced under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure, inflammable, explosive, corrosion, toxic and long period. Therefore, the compressor unit for petrochemical production must have good overall performance, high efficiency, compact structure, small footprint, stable and reliable operation, trouble-free operation time of more than 20000h, and can meet the needs of various working conditions.

Compressor for oil refining industry

Gas compressors commonly used in oil refining mainly include axial flow compressor of catalytic cracking unit and gas-rich compressor. Prehydrogenation cycle compressor, reforming hydrogen supercharger and circulating hydrogen compressor of catalytic reforming unit; Centrifugal circulating hydrogen compressor and reciprocating new hydrogen compressor in hydrorefining and hydrocracking units; Coking gas compressor in coking plant, etc.

Compressor for ethylene industry

The number of compressors in the complete ethylene production plant is the largest, such as cracking gas compressor, propylene compressor and ethylene compressor in the ethylene cracking plant. Screw compressor in butadiene extraction device; Circulating gas compressor and ethylene compressor of polyethylene device; Circulating gas compressor, propylene compressor, nitrogen compressor and hydrogen compressor in polypropylene plant; Circulating gas compressor of ethylene glycol device; Chlorine gas compressor in vinyl chloride unit; Process air compressor and hydrogen compressor for PTA plant and acrylonitrile plant. Among them, the cracking gas compressor, propylene compressor and ethylene compressor of ethylene cracking unit, commonly known as “three machines”, account for 20% ~ 40% of the total energy consumption of the unit. Therefore, it is important to reduce the energy consumption of compressor.

Compressor for fertilizer industry

The gas compressor used in chemical fertilizer production mainly includes process air compressor, syngas compressor, carbon dioxide compressor, nitrogen compressor and ammonia compressor. The air compressor of air separation unit and air compressor station in auxiliary production unit mainly includes air compressor, oxygen compressor, nitrogen compressor, argon compressor, etc. Due to the continuous development of large-scale ammonia plant, users have higher and higher requirements on energy consumption, reliability, supporting level and other technical indexes of compressor unit.

Compressors demand for petrochemical

Petrochemical enterprises at home and abroad are focused on the construction of a number of production units, forming a large petrochemical industrial zone. In the region, the refinery unit is the “leader” to provide cracking feedstock for petrochemical units, such as light oil and diesel, and to produce petrochemical products; The cracking unit produces ethylene, propylene, benzene, xylene and other basic petrochemical materials. According to the needs of the above mentioned raw materials to build the main production of synthetic materials and organic raw materials series of production plants, the products, raw materials have a certain proportion. If the annual output of 300,000 tons of ethylene is required, the rough calculation will require about 1.2 million tons of cracking raw materials, the corresponding processing capacity of the refinery is about 2.5 million tons, and the supporting production of synthetic materials and basic organic raw materials is 800,000 to 900,000 tons. Therefore, it can be seen that the construction of petrochemical industrial zone needs to invest a lot of money, the site should be appropriate, not only to ensure the transportation of raw materials and products, but also to have sufficient power, water supply and other supporting infrastructure facilities. Each production unit needs a large number of standard, qualitative machinery, equipment, instruments, pipes and non – shaped special equipment. Comprehensive down, the demand for all kinds of compressor amazing!

Compressor is the key equipment in petrochemical industry production, a new set of 10 million tons/year oil refinery needs 30 ~ 40 compressor, a new set of 1 million tons/year vinyl plant needs 40 ~ 50 compressor.

With the increasing scale of petrochemical plants, petrochemical compressors are developing towards the direction of large, series, high efficiency, mechanical and electrical integration, energy saving and environmental protection, high reliability and low noise. If the efficiency of large compressor is increased by 1%, the annual operating cost can be saved by 5 million ~ 8 million yuan.

Air compressor for petrifaction industrial

Air compressor for petrifaction industrial

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