Vacuum system in heavy steel industry

In the heavy steel industry, in order to further improve the product structure and steel quality, vacuum equipment technology is introduced. It is found that the vacuum system is greatly restricted by the steam from the domestic and foreign application status. At the same time, in order to comply with the concept of environmental protection and efficient recovery and utilization of heavy steel industry, the vacuum system is selected.

When the limit pressure of the vacuum system reaches 67pa, the larger pumping capacity reaches 800kg / h, and the pressure in the vacuum tank reaches 67pa within 415min.

Vacuum system is applied in heavy steel industry, its metallurgical effect can reach or be superior to the same process index of multi-stage steam jet pump vacuum system, its degassing rate reaches 63.5%, ultimate decarburization capacity is 10 @ 10-6, t [O] [30 @ 10-6 in steel.

Vacuum system is one of the necessary mechanical equipment of refining equipment, and its process parameters, such as pumping capacity and rate, directly affect the normal operation and metallurgical effect of RH. In the heavy steel industry, when the designed pumping capacity of vacuum pump is 67pa, the larger pumping capacity is 800kg / h, which is basically the same as that of domestic steam pump with the same tonnage RH.

vacuum system features:

1. Single stage vacuum pump, simple structure and convenient operation

2. All pumps of the same specification are imported vacuum pumps (natural air cooling) from Germany with world leading level. Single-stage pumps can select domestic high-quality or imported products according to the actual purchasing capacity of users, with fast pumping speed and high working vacuum degree.

3. Equipped with pipeline filter, which can effectively prevent impurities with large particles from entering the system and damaging the vacuum pump.

4. A buffer shall be equipped in front of roots pump to prevent oil from entering the vacuum pump.

5. Equipped with check valve to prevent the external air from entering the vacuum system after the vacuum pump is powered off.

6. The standard configuration of the machine is closed, simple to use, energy and cost saving, convenient for follow-up maintenance, and the use and operation of customers in various industries.


In addition to its application in the heavy steel industry, the vacuum system has the following typical applications:

1. Application of crude vacuum: – vacuum handling – vacuum loading and unloading / hoisting – degassing – Automation (vacuum holding)

2. Automobile industry – Thermoforming – filling, degassing

3. Composite material manufacturing – resin transfer molding (RTM)

4. Vacuum pressing, such as rubber, plastic, gasket

5. Food packaging / food processing – vacuum filling – Thermoforming – vacuum transportation, loading and unloading, hoisting – tray sealing / air-conditioned fresh-keeping packaging – degassing

6. Hospital / Medical Engineering – bacterial filter

The vacuum system has the functions of degassing, decarburization, temperature compensation, uniform temperature composition of molten steel and removal of inclusions in steel. It has been widely used in steelmaking because of its good refining effect and short treatment period.

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