Vacuum unit in coal tar

Vacuum machine in coal tar of application

High-temperature tar is a kind of extremely complex mixtures, might not directly extract phenol, naphthalene and other single component products, need to taking various fractions, by distilling the single-component product concentration of the extract concentration into the corresponding fractions, and then using distillation, crystallization, filtration and chemical treatment methods such as processing fraction, put it out. These treatment methods can be used vacuum unit. Because punnock vacuum unit is used for pumping air and other non-condensate, non-corrosive gas, widely used in the need of large pumping speed and need to obtain a low and high vacuum of various vacuum systems, is the first choice of coarse vacuum and medium vacuum system. So, according to these contents to analyze the vacuum unit in the application of coal tar what it is.

High temperature coal tar is a byproduct of coking process. High temperature coal tar is mainly composed of aromatic hydrocarbon complex mixture, many of which are plastics, dyes, synthetic rubber medicine, high temperature resistant materials and important raw materials in the national defense industry.

Coal tar can be divided into low temperature tar and high temperature tar according to the difference of distillation temperature. Low temperature tar color brown black, less density, in the composition of alkanes, olefin and aromatic hydrocarbons about half. There is still a certain amount of paraffin in lignite tar, it is high temperature tar, color black, density is larger, on the composition and low temperature tar have qualitative difference. Modern coking plants produce high-temperature tar.

Can coal tar distillation divide into a few kinds of craft?

Coal tar distillation is a process in which the components are divided into several compounds according to their different boiling points. In terms of operating pressure of distillation column, tar distillation process can be divided into three categories: atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation and vacuum distillation.

Vacuum unit in coal tar

Roots vacuum unit of structure principle:

Roots water ring vacuum unit is chosen as the backing pump water ring pump more advantageous than other vacuum pump, it overcomes the single water ring pump when using the limit pressure difference (extreme pressure of the unit has greatly improved than water ring pump), a disadvantage of low extraction rate under certain pressure, while retaining the roots pump can work quickly, has the advantages of larger extraction rate.

After vacuum distillation, the outlet temperature of the heating furnace is obviously lower than that of atmospheric distillation, which reduces the operating temperature of the system, prevents hydrogenation, decomposition and polymerization of tar components, stable tar components, and saves gas at the same time. The yield of naphthalene was obviously increased by cutting the tri-mixed components. The quality of asphalt is stable and the range of softening point is small. No direct steam is needed at the bottom of the tower, the amount of steam is obviously reduced, and the generation of some waste water is also reduced. Therefore, the application of vacuum unit in coal tar has certain help to coal tar process.

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