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The vendor of dry screw vacuum pump is the vacuum solution expert beside you. With original technology, he has produced various dry screw vacuum pumps for vacuum purposes. At that time, he was one of the few enterprises in the world that could master the technology of dry screw vacuum pump. It is a large-scale vacuum screw pump manufacturer with five axis machining center in China.

Dry screw vacuum pump working environment requirements

In order not to affect the normal operation of the dry screw vacuum pump, the selection of its installation site is very important. Here is a detailed introduction.

1. The installation site shall be wide, well lit, with low relative humidity, less dust and good ventilation, so as to facilitate operation and maintenance.
2. The ambient temperature should not exceed 45 ℃.
3. Ambient pressure: atmospheric pressure.
4. Please make sure that the dry screw vacuum pump is placed horizontally.
5. Make sure that the base or mounting bracket of the vacuum pump is stable.
6. Make sure that the vacuum pump is not hit by the falling weight.
7. Reserve maintenance space. The distance between the dry screw vacuum pump and the wall shall be at least 1 meter. Reserve access for maintenance. If it is used in a closed system, it is necessary to install air extraction and exhaust equipment to facilitate air circulation. Generally speaking, the air volume of the single equipment for air extraction and exhaust must be greater than that of the vacuum pump.
8. It shall be installed in non explosive area. The surface of dry screw vacuum pump is not in contact with inflammables.
9. Please ensure that the dry screw vacuum pump is installed in a good ventilation position to ensure that the dry screw vacuum pump can be fully cooled.
When the dry screw vacuum pump is in operation, the surface temperature can reach above 72 ℃. Be careful of scalding. Make sure not to touch the dry screw vacuum pump in operation. If necessary, please protect it.

Screw vacuum pump water filling method

Before the start of screw vacuum pump, the water pump and the water inlet pipe shall be filled with water, otherwise the water pump can not be lifted to work, which not only ensures the normal operation of the machine, but also extends the service life of the machine. The following is an introduction to its simple water filling method:

1. Manual water filling method for small pump station with the diameter of water inlet less than 300 mm, a bottom valve is usually set at the inlet of the water inlet pipe, and manual water filling method is generally adopted, that is, water is filled from the special water filling and exhaust hole on the upper part of the water pump shell by the water filling funnel (or an inverted ordinary bottle with the bottom removed).
2. For small pump station without bottom valve, vacuum water tank filling method can be used.
3. Before the screw vacuum pump starts, fill the water tank with water for sealing. After the water pump is started, the water enters from the vacuum tank. As the water level of the water tank drops, a certain vacuum will be formed in the water tank. The water in the water inlet tank will enter the water tank through the water inlet pipe under the action of atmospheric pressure, so as to form the water circulation and start the normal operation of the water pump.
4. The most common use is to install the manual pump on the suction hole of the screw vacuum pump or on the water inlet pipe close to the water pump for air extraction and water diversion, so as to make it a tool for filling water when the screw vacuum pump is started, so as to save the bottom valve on the water inlet pipe of the water pump, reduce the energy consumption, and improve the efficiency of the water pump device.
5. For the pump house of semi submerged type (that is, the elevation of the water inlet pipe and the pump top are both below the water surface of the water inlet pool), the water can be introduced into the pump by itself without manual water filling. The advantages of this kind of pump station are obvious, that is, it is easy to realize the automation of the pump station and has strong timeliness.

The water filling method of screw vacuum pump is simply introduced here. The water filling work is the work that needs to be done in the maintenance of the equipment. Therefore, regular water filling is helpful for the extension of the service life of the equipment and the efficient use of the equipment.

Dry screw vacuum pump vendor

Dry screw vacuum pump vendor

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