Rotary Vacuum Pump in Oil purifier

The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in Oil purifier

Why do vacuum filters choose rotary vane vacuum pumps? Vacuum filters and large water pumps in concentrators need to be pumped out with vacuum pumps before starting. Because a vacuum pump is a compressor that sucks gas out of thin air and discharges it into the atmosphere. Generally, the pressure of the gas it sucks out is lower than the atmospheric pressure (the vacuum pump manufactured recently can make the residual pressure in the vessel 1 x 10-15 mm silver column), and the pressure of the gas it exhausts is slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure.

Vacuum pumps can also be distinguished from reciprocating vacuum pumps and rotary vane vacuum pumps. Their working principles will be mentioned later.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump only sucks air from a certain space (such as air in the filter), and can suck 98% of the air; while wet vane vacuum pump sucks liquid and air together, and can only suck 85% of the air. In order to maintain a certain volume of vacuum pump and discharge heat, water must be continuously circulated. In order to supply water to the vacuum pump, a special water tank connected with the discharge pipe is installed, and a gate valve on the tank is used to regulate the circulating water volume. The used water is put into the box with air. In order to avoid blade end wear, there should be no inclusions in circulating water. Otherwise, the blade will be worn, and the exhaust volume will decrease with the increase of wear. Generally, the wear should not be greater than 0.1 mm.

How to select the main pump for the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in vacuum filter?

1. Determining the Type of Main Pump by Limit Pressure
2. Selection of Main Pump for Working Pressure Required in Process Production
3. The volume of the vacuum chamber and the required pumping time are used to select the main pump.
4. Correctly Combining Vacuum Pumps
5. Determine whether there is oil type or no oil type according to the requirement of clean vacuum
6. Selection of Vacuum Pumps Based on the Composition Characteristics of Pumping Gases
7. Select the main pump according to the first investment and daily maintenance cost of the whole vacuum system.


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