Chemical industry use the roots vacuum unit

Vacuum pump in petrochemical industry is a common vacuum equipment, it is mainly through the smoke extraction system, in order to obtain and maintain the vacuum, vacuum pump and other related equipment of vacuum system, the vacuum system can is roots vacuum unit of water ring vacuum pumps and related accessories of the closed loop system, they are mainly used for process control in the chemical production or the airtight of the pipeline material from one place to another place.

At present, there are mainly horizontal reciprocating vacuum pumps and water-ring vacuum pumps in the industry. In the process of use, these vacuum pumps have certain defects. Because, in the process of chemical process control of vacuum degree requirements for the is often as reaction gradually from low to high, and the vacuum pump with the motor always work with rated power, if the first reaction is given by the pumping system is higher extraction rate, on the one hand, causing huge losses of organic solvent in the reaction system, on the other hand caused difficult to control operation, often appear “flow phenomenon”.

If in the initial reaction stage for low vacuum degree, often through the object completely on the vacuum buffer tank valve opening Angle, so the production site because of a large number of inhaled air and vacuum pump noise is very big, if the water ring vacuum pump, can open the cavitation erosion on the water ring vacuum pump valve, in order to reduce the noise, but this is not a long-term solution; At the same time, the power of the motor is not fully utilized to generate power waste.

Customer and solve these problems, our company technical personnel has carried on the detailed communication, from the perspective of energy saving, chose roots vacuum unit to replace the vacuum pump, run for some time, client report is very good, no longer before the advent of the problem, better solve the reciprocating vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump used in this process defects, and power saving effect is obvious.

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