1 Stage Side Channel Blower

1 stage side channel blower of application field

Combined with air knife, blower and side pipe compressor can provide targeted air flow, so it can be widely used in various fields. Especially in the field of food technology and surface technology, air flow is used for blast treatment of various media.

In more and more applications, explosion-proof has become an indispensable prerequisite for the use of blowers. A large number of dust and gas transported in the initial state has been highly explosive, when they are mixed with other media, the explosive will be further improved. Even a tiny Mars could have unforeseen and catastrophic consequences.

Our blowers are designed for this highly sensitive situation. In addition to many other applications, our blowers are mainly used in chemical industry, mills, biogas power plants, landfills, sewage treatment plants, flour silos and food processing industries. In these places, it is necessary to ensure the safe transportation of all kinds of explosive dust and gas. ​

1 Stage Side Channel Blower

It can directly transport light bulk goods that are neither abrasive nor explosive, such as plastic waste, spring, various powder materials and tobacco, through the conveyor blower.

Larger items and heavy items, such as plastic particles, broken coal, sawdust particles, grain, kapok and other similar items, are transported indirectly. In this case, instead of using a blower for conveying, the air flow directly acts on the material outside the equipment to pump or blow it to the desired direction.

Recognize its need in the development of its products to “listen to the market” and provide specialized “one-time” solutions as needed. From the beginning, it has been constantly looking for innovative solutions, it adopts extremely new applicable technologies, and is committed to “continuous improvement” in performance, reliability and overall quality of customer service not only in products, but also in customer service.

1 stage side channel blower of features

1. Integration engine version
2. Aluminum construction
3. Capacity to 889 m3 / h (50Hz) / 1073 m3 / h (60Hz)
4. Ambient temperature + 15 degrees
5. Two pole motor, single-phase and three-phase asynchronous, insulation class F tropicalis é E and IP55 protection
6. Application: pressure
7. Maximum flow 1234 m3 / h, maximum pressure 500 mbar
8. Vacuum application: maximum flow 1234m3 / h, maximum pressure 375 mbar.

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