Dry scroll vacuum pump in epoxy glue defoaming machine

The dry scroll vacuum pump responds to the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection society advocated by the world today. The dry scroll vacuum pump has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, low noise, long service life, oil-free and easy maintenance, which is widely welcomed in the market. In particular, oil-free dry vacuum pump has been widely used, the market demand is great. This paper mainly introduces the application of dry scroll vacuum pump in the defoamer of epoxy resin glue.

Working principle and operation of dry scroll vacuum pump for epoxy glue defoamer:

The equipment is to use the pressure difference of dry scroll vacuum pump to remove the bubbles in the product. For example, we use it in resin adhesive industry.

Operation steps:

1. Put the colloid to be treated into the equipment, open the valve and exhaust the air to form a pressure difference between the product placing chamber and the vacuum pump.

2. Open the valve of the vacuum pump and the product placing chamber, and then the gas in the product will be discharged under the action of the air pressure difference.

3. After we finish the exhaust process, open the pneumatic gate and take out the product. Make its surface compact (with an automatic vacuum equipment for defoaming this step can be omitted) so as to work repeatedly.

The dry scroll vacuum pump is suitable for high pressure and small flow, especially when the flow is less than 100m3 / h and the discharge pressure is more than 9.8MPa, which shows its high efficiency and good performance. It has good suction performance. It can pump liquid with different medium and viscosity. Therefore, it is widely used in petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing industry, papermaking, food processing, pharmaceutical production, etc. The low and medium speed vacuum pump has low speed, which can be operated by manpower and dragged by livestock. It is suitable for rural water supply and small-scale irrigation.


dry scroll vacuum pump features:

1. In the use of vacuum, exhaust occasions do not contain oil, will not be like oil vacuum pump to the working environment or products pollution, can be used in various fields.

2. Compared with the oil vacuum pump, it does not need to add oil to the pump, and basically does not need spot check and maintenance.

3. Low freight, long service life. At the same time, it is equipped with vacuum pressure gauge and pressure regulating controller.

4. Due to the use of special self-lubricating carbon, it has a strong wear resistance.

5. Because it can run at high speed, it can be directly connected with the motor. This allows the pump to be miniaturized.

6. Due to the high-speed rotation of multiple slides, the pulsation is very small and the suction and exhaust are stable.

When choosing the dry scroll vacuum pump, the vacuum degree required to work should be determined first. If the true degree of demand is high, the selected vacuum pump should be higher than the required vacuum degree, otherwise, it will fail to meet the requirements of vacuum pumping. Secondly, the pumping rate of the dry scroll vacuum pump should be slightly higher than the required pumping rate, so that it can better meet the needs.

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