Scroll Pump for Wafer Processing System

Leading suppliers in the semiconductor industry have two broad product portfolios: components and systems. The component part provides dry and turbomolecular vacuum pumps, using point subtraction systems, while the system part focuses on front-end wafer processing equipment for chemical mechanical polishing, advanced electroplating, bevel polishing and ozone generator.

We provide one of the most comprehensive product portfolios of vacuum pumps and systems for process applications in semiconductor manufacturing.

With years of experience, our experts are ready to provide you with advice on various areas of Wafer Factory vacuum solutions, from load locking to the most demanding process applications, as well as centralized Wafer Factory vacuum systems. With our comprehensive product portfolio of dry vacuum pumps, you will always find the most cost-effective and technically most cost-effective vacuum pumps that are most suitable for your needs.

scroll pump is very suitable for producing medium vacuum in load lock or transfer chamber, helium leak detector, mass spectrometer, electron microscope and other analysis equipment. They are also used in gas treatment processes requiring the highest purity in the gas recovery process.


Dry and turbomolecular vacuum pumps and point-of-use elimination systems have leading functions to handle the most demanding processes in the semiconductor industry. scroll pump are used in wafer processing systems, such as LPCVD, PECVD and CVD. The original emission reduction system includes wet process, combustion, catalysis, dynamic oxidation and thermal technology. All products are designed to reduce cost of ownership, improve reliability and meet safety standards.

Use vacuum pumps and drainage systems suitable for different processes, as well as pipelines, heaters, traps, and factory communication networks to handle the entire basement.

We always focus on providing optimized product solutions to reduce cost of ownership and improve application reliability.

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