Vacuum conveying of water ring vacuum pump

The characteristics of water ring vacuum pump can affect the efficiency of the equipment

Vacuum conveying of water ring vacuum pump

Water ring vacuum pump as a kind of coarse vacuum pump, the device is composed of pump body, impeller, suction exhaust plate, auxiliary exhaust valve structure, such as the equipment in the vacuum conveyor has many characteristics, can promote the efficiency of water ring vacuum pump, vacuum conveying, so here we are to get to know the water ring vacuum pump vacuum conveying features:

1, water ring vacuum pump equipment structure is simple, manufacturing, processing, device are comparable to the convenience, control cost is less, the establishment of a short time. Water ring vacuum pump system is mainly composed of parts of the welded steel plate structure, by the shape of the tube, the tank component, the relative movement between each component, maintenance operation are easy to compare, if the installation of some control equipment, it is easy to complete the automation operation.
2. Water ring vacuum pump has high recommendation efficiency and no return transportation. Other means of transport all have the defect that the transport wrist all has empty distance to return, and the water ring vacuum pump transport medium is air, only need to discharge into the atmosphere at the terminal, in the process of recommendation, feed mouth can be continuously feeding, complete continuous recommendation.
3, good operating sanitation conditions, water ring vacuum pump when the material in the tube operation, the tube in the negative pressure, dust will not leak and fly, the material will not fly and pollute the environment. In the process of recommendation, can also stop sorting, boring and other intermediate disposal. If material is recommended under negative pressure, because water is easy to evaporate under negative pressure, so, even if do not use other dry means, the material with higher water content in the recommendation process, will also have a certain boring effect, the application of different particle weight of material, design appropriate discharge port can be used for material sorting.
4, in addition, the water ring vacuum pump recommendation pipeline, easy to tailor to set up the pipe network, layout complex and sensitive, can be fully applied field air product, easy to comply with the operating environment.
To sum up, water ring vacuum pump features simple operation, high recommendation efficiency and good operation sanitation, which can not only effectively improve the gas delivery efficiency and the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, but also improve the quality and efficiency of water ring vacuum pump.

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